The Secret to Irresistible Marketing Without the Hype

hype adsWe’ve all seen them – those marketing ads that are definitely too good to be true. But despite the obvious marketing efforts, we can’t help but get wrapped up in the hype, only to be disappointed when we finally get our hands on the products. While sensationalized marketing is a great way to gain attention, too much hype (and failing to live up to it) can actually hurt your brand.

While hyping your products and services is a natural part of your business’s lead cycle, going over the top can actually spoil the consumer’s experience. For marketers, the balance remains in creating a content strategy that is thrilling yet realistic about the services being marketed.

 Cut the Hype: Substance Over Sizzle

When customers fall for the sizzle once, they’ll opt to never be burned again. This is why it’s crucial to avoid over-hyping products and creating unsubstantiated buzz. Fortunately, there are still techniques to create compelling content marketing strategies while staying grounded in your efforts.

  • Limited Time Offers. Creating a limited time offer utilizes the principle of supply and demand. By creating the sense of urgency among consumers, you can create a compelling marketing campaign without over-hyping a specific product. Consumers are more likely to act when faced with a special deal such as a limited time offer, limited quantity offer, or a variation of both.
  • Eliminate cliché vocabulary. Biggest, fastest, and best are some of the most used words in hype-based marketing. Of course, in many instances it’s completely natural to incorporate these words into your content strategy. However, eliminating hype-y words not only eliminates exaggerations, but also offers you the opportunity to get creative with the way that you piece content together.
  • Timing is everything. Riding on tent pole events or other cultural bandwagons is a great way to gain exposure without having to over-hype your products and services. Taking advantage of popular trends and buzz-worthy content is a prime way to position your brand in front of a larger audience.

Ultimately, avoiding hyperboles and offering truly useful content is the magic key to making your offers seriously irresistible!

What offers have you experimented with? What results did you get?

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Daniel Chioco is a writer living in Nashville, TN. He earned his Commercial Music degree at Belmont University, where he also studied creative writing and wrote for the student newspaper. When he isn't creating content, Daniel works as an actor and films YouTube videos. He is also a freelance musician and is authoring his first fantasy novel.

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