McDonald’s Gets McHealthy

mcdonaldsTake a minute right now to think about what you ordered the last time you went to McDonald’s. Also think about how concerned you were (on a scale of one to ten) about the health of the meal that you were about to consume. If you are anything like me, you ordered something disgustingly oversized, accompanied by a bucket of French fries and washed the whole thing down with a Diet Coke.

And you elected to ignore the fact that you consumed more than a day’s work of calories in one fell swoop because, when you eat at McDonald’s, it is better for your mental health and wellbeing if you try not to think about it too hard.

“Do you want a salad with that?”

In the very near future, you could be hearing that phrase when you shamefully cruise through your friendly local neighborhood drive through. McDonald’s has announced that, beginning next year, it will offer a full range of healthy side dish alternatives in a pilot batch of restaurants spread throughout 20 of its most major markets. reported that, in addition to the “hip and trendy side salad,” Mickey D’s will also be offering fresh fruit side dish options such as a peeled kiwi on a stick and baggies of melon slices. Although the mega fast food giant says that these new and fruity offerings are in response to new healthy eating trends, some people are skeptical.

Too Little, Too Late?

Much of the McSkepticism stems from the fact that these new healthy sides will not be available in the test markets for at least three years. Furthermore, the healthy choices will not be available at all McDonald’s until at least 2020.

There is another issue with the new McHealthy offerings and the reasoning behind them. More specifically, people appear to be asking “what took them so long?” After all, Wendy’s has been offering salads as a viable side dish for years. Burger King, in addition to being one of the few fast food establishments that offers a veggie burger, recently rolled out “satisfries,” a lower fat alternative to traditional French fries.

Analysts are already saying that the new healthy choices will more than likely have very little to any effect on the McFinances or the McSpreadsheets. Clearly, McDonald’s is a little McLate to the healthy living McParty.

No matter what your industry, it does no good whatsoever to be way behind on the trends.

Have you ever found yourself way behind on an important industry trend? How did you rectify that situation?

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