New Google Integrations Allow You To Measure Social ROI

google in depthWhen Google acquired Wildfire this summer, SEOs were eager to see how this system would integrate with other Google products. Essentially, Wildfire allows SEOs to tangibly measure the ROI of social marketing. Since the effects of social marketing are difficult to quantify and explain, Wildfire can be an invaluable asset to SEOs who need to convince their clients of the value of social marketing.

The ROI of social has been somewhat of a guessing game, but Google is now promoting Wildfire as a full-service solution for agencies, enterprises, and mid- to large-sized businesses that want to define their ROI for social marketing. By gaining a deeper understanding of customer behavior, businesses can now spend their ad money more judiciously.

How Does It Work?

Thanks to Google’s integration of Wildfire with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, SEOs can now track customers in order to see an “end-to-end view of each customer’s journey,” according to Google. By drawing together an analysis of online ads, organic and social engagements, and site conversions, SEOs can specifically study the influence social had on a conversion. Some of the most popular features with SEOs include:

The ability to compare organic and paid content in order to determine their effectiveness.

The capability of attributing site traffic to specific social networks so that you can determine where you should be focusing your efforts.

The possibility of targeting landing pages and posts with a specific audience segment in mind.

The integration of Wildfire with Google Analytics let SEOs more tightly define the actual value of social campaigns. Through Analytics, Wildfire automatically adds tracking codes to your pages so that you can more closely follow customers. Google Tag Manager opens another realm of possibilities as SEOs are now able quickly add tags to their sites and domains in order to document views and conversions.

The Highlights

The aspect of Wildfire that is most widely appreciated by SEOs is simply the fact that it is a Google product and is therefore smoothly integrated with many other Google products. SEOs also like that Wildfire offers custom reports that allow you to generate unique reports that cater to different concerns.

Compare Wildfire To…

If you aren’t quite convinced by Wildfire, there are plenty of other great options out there for measuring social ROI. SEOs are suggesting programs like SimplyMeasured, TrendKite, and Local Report Tool. However, the downside of all of these tools is that they are unable to work as seamlessly with Google products as Wildfire does.

How do you measure social ROI?

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