Meet a Member of Our Team: Writer Sarah Voigtman

Human beings love stories, and some of the greatest stories involve heart-warming encounters between strangers. Sarah Voigtman, CEM’s longest-standing content writer, recently shared a story about her encounter with a stranger at the grocery store a few years ago.

A woman stopped to talk to Sarah and her two kids. Sarah’s son was nonverbal at the time, and the woman asked him his name. Sarah stepped in and told her it was Jameson. The woman lit up and said, “I love that name! It sounds like he is going to be someone really important someday, like a writer.”

Sarah’s adorable son, Jameson

Sarah’s husband is an ER doctor, so she’s used to people recognizing him as having the noble profession. Sarah told the woman that she was a writer and explained how much that sentiment meant to her. The two women hugged in the middle of the grocery store, and Sarah recalls it as one of the most genuine moments she’s ever shared with a stranger.

Sarah’s Background

Sarah has always loved to write. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in public health education. “One of my passions is teaching people about healthy lifestyle choices and chronic disease prevention,” she said.

Sarah’s also a certified health education specialist, where she’s had to teach people about a wide range of health topics. She said that experience has helped her succeed at CEM, where writers often teach readers something new. Sarah said she applies the basic principles of her certification every day, even when she’s not writing about health.

Sarah’s Typical Workday

“I work to a soundtrack of Disney movies and banging toys. I actually don’t mind the noise – it’s the silence that’s troublesome!” she said.

Sarah’s workday starts around 5 or 6 am. She likes to get a jumpstart on her workday and enjoy some coffee before the chaos – in the form of her adorable 2- and 3-year-old – descends on her household.

Eleanor (and her cereal)

“I usually take a break at 8 am to get my son ready for school and speech, and then finish up when I get home. On a good day, when everyone is cooperating, I’m done with work by noon or 1 pm. Sometimes it’s later than that – it just depends on our schedule,” she said.

Sarah loves the flexibility CEM provides. “It gives me the opportunity to be at home with my children while helping provide for my family. I don’t think I could find similar flexibility elsewhere, even in other telecommuting positions,” she said.

Sarah’s son has a rare speech disorder that requires intensive speech therapy. She takes him to his appointments, which are four times a week, and monitors his progress closely. Sarah says she’s grateful that she can write on her own time and that CEM’s culture promotes that kind of flexibility.

And that feeling is mutual, as I speak for everyone at CEM when I say we’re grateful for Sarah, her concise writing style, and her no-nonsense work ethic. Sarah’s words have a maturity and grace to them that work particularly well in the content marketing world, where clients often pay for their content by the word. With Sarah as your writer, you’re getting every penny’s worth.

Sarah’s Personal Writing Philosophy

Sarah strives to be a voice of reason in everything she writes. With all the misinformation out there today, it’s important to her to do the research that supports evidence-based content.

Sarah’s grandfather was a journalism professor, and he always told her only to say things if she really meant them, and to say them as succinctly as possible.

“I try to carry that through to my writing,” she said. And it shows. At CEM, we’re always training writers to write without passive voice, fluff, or filler. (Sarah didn’t need much training.)

At CEM, Sarah prefers blog writing, because it gives her a chance to teach someone something valuable, and she gets to learn something new, too. She and her husband bought a 100-year-old house last year, and she said that writing blogs about things like roofing and plumbing has been invaluable. “There have been at least two instances in which we took care of a problem in our home before it became a major issue – thanks to blogs I researched and wrote (well, and a couple YouTube videos),” she admitted.

When She’s Not Writing…

Sarah loves running along the shores of Lake Erie where she lives. She also boxes. “A bag – not other people,” she clarified. She runs the occasional race and gets the rest of her cardio chasing Jameson, her daughter, Eleanor, and their two rescue dogs, Luna and Patty.

“I’m an avid football fan (Go Blue!) and tailgate at the Big House every Saturday I have the opportunity,” said Sarah. “I did not marry a sports fan, but after a decade with me, my husband finally understands the difference between offside and a false start. He still doesn’t get the NFL catch rule, but does anyone?”

Sarah and her husband, Nate

Plans for the Future

“It’s hard to imagine what our life will be like in five years, but I know there will be five of us and we’ll all be together somewhere.” (Yep – she said five. There’s another little Voigtman on the way!)

Further in the future, Sarah and Nate want to open a small microbrewery. He’s a passionate homebrewer, and Sarah will surely create kitschy, clever names and backstories for each beer. “We’re not planning a Bell’s Brewery type conquest, just a little store to keep us entertained until and during retirement,” she said.

“I’m picturing a building with lots of charm, an exposed kitchen, farm-to-table food, and dog-eared books on the shelves for people to read, and board games for people to play. A place to unwind and enjoy a good brew with good people, you know?”

We know. And we also know we’re lucky to have Sarah on the CEM team.

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