Microsoft Adds Products to ‘Scroogled’ Campaign Attacking Google

The tech world is full of some intense rivalries. The rivalry between Google and Microsoft has been ongoing for many years, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. As Google continues to grow and encroach on Microsoft's traditional territory with their Chrome operating system and cloud services, Microsoft has realized it needs to fight back … [Read more...]

The Social Good Summit: How Does Social Media Do Good in Society?

In previous posts, I’ve talked about the many ways in which social media can do good in the world. One way that leaders in technology are coming together for social good is through the Social Good Summit. This year, the 4th annual Social Good Summit will be held on Sept. 22nd – Sept. 24th in New York. Through this conference, innovators in the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Mix-Up: Windows Head Sinofsky Leaves

Microsoft has been with us for over thirty-five years. Like Apple, the company has been instrumental in turning the computer into something as common as a TV. Both companies reached monumental levels of success, with Apple currently enjoying a year with the title "Most Valuable Company." But for Microsoft, things aren't all that rosy. As new tech … [Read more...]

Launch Day for Microsoft: Windows 8 and Surface

When it comes to tech companies that make headlines, it always seems like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon catch the spotlight. Such tech companies take creative and usually meaningful actions that earn them attention. Just two days ago, millions of people were paying attention to Apple and its latest announcements, and the hype had … [Read more...]