4 Tips for Reaching Millennials with Video Marketing

video marketingVideo marketing gives marketers a unique opportunity to make an impression on viewers that goes beyond the static content of a print or banner ad. Where Millennials are concerned, it’s one of the most important ways to reach an audience. Let’s take a look at how marketers can take advantage of this opportunity.

Millennials Love Video

The young adult age bracket spends a huge amount of time watching videos on tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Last month, the world as a whole watched six billion hours of video on YouTube alone, with the 18-34 age group spending more time watching video on YouTube than on any cable network. Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video platform, just outstripped Instagram as the most frequently downloaded app for Android – and we all know that Millennials are, without a doubt, the most frequent users of social media. So right away, video marketing gives you the potential to expand your exposure just by capitalizing on the sheer amount of video that Millennials watch.

Video Shows Personality

One of the best things about video is that it adds a fourth dimension to your content: time. It gives your marketing team a chance to spend a minute with your audience and catch their attention for longer than if they were just looking at a text ad. You can create characters, provide a significant insight into your brand, and capitalize on limitless potential in three dimensions to tell your story.

Video Allows for Narrative

In a similar vein, video is the perfect vehicle for storytelling – which we know is an integral part of content marketing. Whether you chose to do a video series on the same thing, or simply use the time aspect of video to set up a beginning, middle, and end, video gives you the chance to produce something that will stick with your potential customers, whether it’s humor or a touching moment.

Video Creates Viral Opportunities

It’s a marketing dream, to be sure: some combination of marketing genius and fate makes your video go viral. While some analysts have tried to predict what makes content go viral, the consensus among advertisers has generally been that it’s a mix that is so reliant on so many factors that it’s impossible to know exactly what will take off. That said, the potential is always there. If you have a strong message, an interesting perspective, or a zany idea, your video might just spread your name all over the internet.

Have you geared any of your video marketing towards Millennials? Why or why not?

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