Is Your Landing Page Optimized for Mobile Visitors?

mobile landing pageAlthough you may have optimized your desktop landing page, your mobile landing page could still be hurting you. Mobile users want instant, easily accessible information, so your detailed, informative website might be overkill in a mobile format.

With our culture’s current over-saturation of information, high expectations have to be met. Your landing page has to stand out from the countless others that could offer similar services of information. Brian Massey wrote a clever article from the point of view of a landing page that underscores the objectives of effective landing pages.

7 attributes of an optimized mobile landing page

If you want to increase your conversion rate, consider the following characteristics as you work to optimize user experience on your mobile landing page.


Clearly, accessibility is the most important feature of a successful mobile landing page. Everything absolutely must be thumb-friendly. Use big buttons with margins and empty space around them to avoid misdirection. Angie Schotmuller recommends keeping your target area specifically at least 38-44 pixels for ease of access.

Further strategies for easy accessibility include avoiding lots of plug-ins and the use of flash. Everything needs to be simple and straightforward.


Probably the most important quality besides accessibility is speed. SEO’s widely agree that your page should ideally be less that 20 KB so that it loads in under 5 seconds.


Your mobile site can be tailored to meet the needs of specific searchers. According to Nathan Richtor, mobile landing pages should take advantage of triggers that prompt your mobile landing page to rearrange itself. Consequently, a mobile user discovers the exact information for which he was searching.


Keep your mobile landing page headings short and sweet so that they fit across a mobile screen. Make sure that text is easily legible without forcing a viewer to zoom.


Expanding on the idea of brevity, use your landing page design to concisely present information. White space and bullet points lead the eye effortlessly around the page. You want to be comprehensive, but keep it clean and beautiful.


This feature is especially tantamount for small and local businesses. Mobile search is often directed towards the immediate needs of a user. Be sure to include your location on your landing page to draw in near by mobile searchers.


Make sure your mobile landing page gives visitor an action. Whether it’s a like, a share, a submission, or anything else, provide them with something to do. Present a call-to-action to get them interacting and involved with your mobile landing page.

Are there any other attributes that you find necessary with your mobile landing page?

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