Mobile Strategy More Important Than Ever Before

Mobile Google AdwordsI’ve written before about the importance of creating mobile-specific ad campaigns to reach this growing demographic. New data shows that a “mature” mobile strategy might be a make-or-break point for businesses this year, as mobile ad spending and smartphone proliferation continue to rise. In this article, learn more about the importance of mobile strategies and find a few tips for optimizing your own.

Mobile Marketing Budgets Up

It seems like not so long ago that I was extolling the virtues of a mobile-optimized marketing campaign… And indeed, it wasn’t that long ago. But since then, there have been a few developments that further emphasize my point that a successful business will not be successful if it doesn’t specifically target the mobile device using demographic.

According to Clickz, the Marketing Budgets 2013 report, compiled by Econsultancy and Responsys, over 71% of marketing firms surveyed said that they will be upping their digital marketing spending, with an average of a 28% bigger budget. Over half of the firms surveyed said that they would have at least a 20% increase in their digital marketing budget.

These increases, of course, include mobile marketing, especially mobile content creation. What does this mean? Businesses who don’t put their resources towards building a solid mobile strategy will quickly be left in the dust to trail behind companies that had the foresight to invest in mobile. And if you question the importance of mobile marketing, consider the fact that tech and marketing gurus like Brian Solis are asking questions like, “Forget about social media for a moment – what’s your mobile strategy?” Solis is one of many experts predicting that mobile will soon become the most important channel for engaging with customers.

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns for Mobile

MarketingProfs reports on another new development in mobile marketing: Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns, which will hugely simplify the process of optimizing a campaign for mobile. Now, instead of marketers having to create two entirely separate campaigns in AdWords, they can simply design ads that are optimized for different devices, and Google will run whichever ad is appropriate for a given search.

The Enhanced Campaign tool will automatically launch the ad that works best for a given user context, and will give you the option to run certain ads only during specified times. It’s also now possible to launch separate geo-targeted ads from a single campaign. Tracking conversions will also be significantly easier.

So, what does this mean for your business? Well, it’s certainly one way you can improve your mobile marketing game! But perhaps more importantly, it means that more businesses will likely be entering the ring now that Google has streamlined the process so dramatically. That means its time to act fast.

Companies Still Falling Short

In light of all of this mobile hype, though, companies still aren’t sure quite where to go with the wealth of technological potential. A survey of CTOs revealed some alarming statistics about mobile strategy in the business world.

  • 62% said that their company has not yet established a quantitative goal for the outcome of their mobile strategy
  • 41% are lacking a solid plan of what they’re going to do with mobile technology for the upcoming year
  • 38% are only jumping on the mobile bandwagon because it seems like the innovative thing to do

While that’s bad news for the surveyed businesses, it does signal an opportunity for you. As your competitors continue to scramble to come up with a mobile strategy, take this chance to beat them to it. Establish strong, measurable goals and figure out what you need to implement to achieve them – you’ll be way ahead of the crowd.

What is your company’s mobile strategy? Are you one of the goal-less, or do you have a concrete plan for your technological future? 


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