5 Helpful Tools to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media

Monitor your mentionsIt’s good to keep tabs on what people are saying about your brand or business around the internet. Negative reviews or bad publicity can tarnish your brand, but they aren’t always easy to catch. Staying on top your your brand’s online mentions can help you understand how people view your brand or your company, help you provide better service, and recover from bad press.

There are many different monitoring tools available around the net, and this post will take a look at 5 options as well as their price tags and capabilities, to help you figure out which tools are right for your business.

Social Mentions - SproutSocial

Sprout Social

Price Range: $39-$99/User

Sprout Social allows you to monitor your social media mentions by monitoring keywords, and brand and company names. Sprout Social provides many resources for brand monitoring, as well as comprehensive reporting and analytics about your brand’s online mentions. This is the priciest option on the list.

Another helpful feature of Sprout Social is the ability to publish and schedule social media updates accross multiple channels. This can make a huge difference when you have to manage large scale social media campaigns. Posting and managing all aspects of the campaign from one place makes it much easier to keep track of your campaign’s progress.

Sprout Social is the higher-end option on this list, but depending on the scope of your brand, and if you can make good use of the social media management tools it provides, it could be an excellent comprehensive tool for you that is well-worth the price tag.

Social Mentions - Mention iOS ScreanshotMention

Price Range: Free – $99.95/Mo

Mention provides brand, industry, and company alerts based on the keywords you enter. It allows you to monitor and compare your competitor’s mentions with your own. It features anti-noise technology to filter spam or homonyms – this is a very useful feature if your brand uses common keywords.

Mention also provides useful statistics to better understand your brand’s online reputation and where your traffic and mentions are coming from. Theses statistics can provide demographic information and help you understand trends around your brand.

Mention’s paid services offers unlimited history tracking and data export tools. A single-user subscription costs $19.95 per month, and a multi-user subscription runs $99.95 per month. The free subscription allows you up to 3 alerts and 500 mentions per month, which should be enough to see how well Mention’s service could work for you.

Social Mentions - Google Alerts

Google Email Alert

Price: Free

Google Alerts is a free service that crawls websites and blogs and sends email alerts whenever your brand gets mentioned. These email alerts allow you to follow the links for your mentions so you can easily respond to the mention or contribute to the discussion.

Google Alerts captures all of the latest Google search results based on your query, and while it has limited filtering options and doesn’t provide analytics, it is very easy to use and will keep you informed whenever a new mention of your brand shows up. The best part about Google Alerts is that it is totally free. You can sign up to receive emails about your mentions on a schedule that works best for you.


Price: Free

Social Mentions - SocialMention Screenshot


SocialMention is a powerful monitoring tool with lots of useful features and filters. It will track brand or keyword mentions, and also analyzes brand sentiment ratings based on posts. SocialMention monitors user-generated content to find the top keywords related to your brand, as well as the top users who mention you, so you can find out who your brand ambassadors are. You can set up alerts for any keywords.

SocialMention is a free service and can provide a lot of useful insights, but I have found that it can pick up a lot of clutter unless you have unique or very specific keywords. If your results are helpful and relevent after trying the free search, you can sign up for an RSS feed or email alerts about new mentions.


Price: Free

Technorati is a helpful search tool to discover what sort of publicity your brand has been receiving on blogs and media outlets. Technorati is very useful for established brands, as it allows you to search industry postings without the clutter of social media mentions and unestablished blogs and sites. Technorati is not so much strictly meant for social monitoring – it is more of a search engine that searches articles and press from reliable resources. With it’s capabilities and refined search, however, Technorati can be very helpful in understanding what industry writers are saying about you.

Social Mentions - Technorati Screenshot

You can refine your search results in a couple of different ways for more efficient results, and you can find out if there are any brand ambassadors who post about you frequently. This may not be the most comprehensive monitoring tool, but it will keep you covered with any industry posts. Technorati is also a great way to find your brand ambassadors – if someone mentions your brand regularly, you can join their discussions and encourage these important fans.What do you use to monitor mentions of your company? Do you plan to subscribe to a monitoring service in 2013?


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