More Good News for Facebook: It’s Reaching More People than You Think

More Good News for Facebook: It's Reaching More People than You ThinkFor much of yesterday and today (and the foreseeable next few days) the internet is going to be full of articles about Facebook’s unveiling of its new news feed. In fact, the news about the new feed started on Wednesday and people continue to post articles about it. Still, there’s more good news for Facebook coming to light today in the form of two studies. These are worth checking out for both agencies and the businesses they work with.

More Engagement

Some of the justifiable criticisms of Facebook are that marketing efforts don’t reach enough people. It can be more difficult to track the impact of a post or campaign compared to other online marketing platforms. Of course, it’s getting easier with every change Facebook makes, but there are still legitimate criticisms to be had of Facebook.

Those criticisms get a little weaker, however, based on two new studies reported on late Wednesday and they’re overshadowed by the news feed announcements. According to Brian Sin at SlashGear, “Carnegie Mellon University performed a seven-year study on Facebook and its users,” aimed at how users managed their privacy data and features. It turns out every time Facebook changed its policies, people “started sharing even more data due to the number of added information fields.” A lot of this information is picked up by “third-party app developers and advertisers” and are termed “the silent listeners” by Alyssa Newcomb for ABC News.

Facebook users definitely have more control of their information, but even so, it’s fascinating to see that they are providing more information to these silent listeners. It’s definitely good for analytics and evaluating your marketing. The more information about consumers an agency or business has, the more effective their campaigns online can be.

Good News in Light of News Feed Changes

As if that news wasn’t already good for Facebook, another study shows how the changes announced yesterday could be more effective for advertisers than previously thought. According to Kathryn Dill at, a recent study out of Stanford University Computer Science Department “showed that the majority of Facebook users are reaching more than three times as many people as they think.”

The study looked at over 220,000 Facebook users located in the US through June of last year. It turns out that “each post is seen by approximately one in three of a user’s friends.” This is plenty more than people assume see their posts, and good news for businesses and agencies that are branding and advertising on Facebook. Maybe those promoted posts are worth it? Any time users are interacting with your brand on Facebook, this means that there they are likely reaching more people than once thought with your brand through their activity.

Facebook More Attractive Now?

As the new News Feed rolls out, these latest studies should encourage more interaction with Facebook by agencies and businesses. All of the new changes to the news feed seem to be geared to more media, and they are also more conducive to advertisements. If you can get users liking, sharing, and engaging with your brand on Facebook, they’ll be reaching more people through secondary and tertiary connections than everyone previously thought.

Do these studies convince you to use Facebook more for marketing? Will the news feed changes help?

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