More Than Website Content

When many people think of the word “content” in regards to the internet, many automatically assume that it means static website content, or the content that stays on a page.  While this is certainly true – the static content on your website is very important – content marketing involves more than website content.

The scope of content marketing is very broad.  Content marketing involves the blogs that your company sets out in order to continually engage the customer in conversation; content marketing is the Tweets that you put out in order to build relationships with others in your feed.  Content marketing is the articles that you post to directories in order to reach out and share your knowledge; content marketing is the podcasts that you set up in a feed to be able to communicate with your customer base across all kinds of platforms.
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Content marketing is a way of packaging your know-how as a company and sharing it with others.  Since the way that we shop and do research on products has changed incredibly since Google revolutionized our lives, it’s more important than ever to get out there and make the virtual handshake with the potential client.  Content marketing helps you do so in a way that lets your knowledge and quality of product shine through while also working with the search engines to ensure that you get maximum exposure.

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Content marketing also involves graphics – while the word “content” might imply words, it’s also important that a website have the correct content in terms of graphics as well.  Having graphics that complement and enhance your content increases the potency of you words.  In the same vein, infographics are a unique form of content creation that can bring incredible traffic to your website.

The word “content” involves many different aspects of web design and creation, but they all have one thing in common – they promote your brand and products and knowledge by working together.  Static website content alone does not a content strategy make – but if you take that site content and mix it with blogs, white papers, vlogs, podcasts, infographics, articles, email marketing, and social media, the results are often astonishing.

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