The Week in Native Advertising (July 8-12)

xbox one Wondering what’s been said/done/written about native advertising this week? It’s all below…

Will Advertisers Self-Regulate?

Media journalist Cheryl Ross reports that art directors, advertisers, and media buyers need to figure out how they’re going to self-regulate their experiments in native advertising. Otherwise, the FTC may have to follow through on threats of formal regulation.

Ross quotes Linda Goldstein, advertising law expert, who neatly sums up the situation: “Certainly, the search engine guidance should serve as an early warning to the industry that at some point in the future, unless the industry self-regulates, the FTC may be knocking on their door.”

Back From Cannes… It’s All Native Advertising

Lewis DVorkin of Forbes reports back from his time at Cannes Lions that it really is all about native advertising. “The talk along the Croisette,” he writes, “can be summed up in a word: content. Not editorial content. Not the kind that makes up 30-second TV spots. But the stuff called native advertising…”

If you’re looking for an informed take on native advertising, be sure to check out DVorkin’s article.

New Xbox One: A Giant Advertising Machine

Gamers know that the Xbox One is built with advertising in mind. (That’s not a theory, but actually a direct quote from Microsoft.) But just how much advertising will it have? PCR reports that advertisements will be an integrated part of the gaming experience in the new system. “Quite small and not disruptive.” But will they be welcomed?

Harper’s Magazine: Stepping Up on the Digital Front

Harper’s may finally catch up with rival magazine, The Atlantic, reports Todd Wasserman, when they begin publishing on iOS and Android devices this fall. In Wasserman’s opinion, The Atlantic has always held the upper hand in the two publishers’ relationship. But, by biding their time, Harper’s has had an opportunity to learn from The Atlantic’s scientology snafu.

Whether Harper’s will choose to publish native advertising as a part of this digital expansion has not yet been publicly announced.

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