The Week in Native Advertising: June 17-21

wired magazineNative advertising is a powerful train that continues to pick up more speed. Check out what happened this week in the world of native advertising…

Does Wired Suggest a Shift to Native Advertising?

Tech journalist and Contently CCO, Shane Snow, reported Thursday that the third Wired magazine editor is now leaving his position to become a content strategist. Snow sees this trending shift (away from leadership in a magazine on the forefront of business and tech developments) to indicate that branded content isn’t going away anytime soon.

As native advertising – quality content – becomes more highly sought-after, Snow predicts that more advertisers will be hiring storytellers and journalists – as opposed to traditional business copywriters and marketers.

Instagram, Video, and Native Advertising Opportunities

On Thursday, June 20, Instagram announced it would bring video to its popular mobile platform. Of course, speculations are already rolling in about how trendy marketers will use this new capability to reach their audience. With Vine currently in the lead, it will be interesting to see how Instagram and video fit into current marketing strategies.

Mobile, Mobile, & More Mobile

Speaking of mobile, native advertisements are performing exceptionally well in the mobile arena. Every week, more companies announce they’re striking while the iron is hot. DailyBreak, the socially integrated website for contests and bite-sized content, officially announced on Wednesday that it will add native advertising to its mobile platform. Like other websites, DailyBreak has found higher video completion and engagement rates on the mobile version of its site (see, for example, MeetMe).

Speaking of Mobile & Video…

Jivox, the provider of an interactive video advertising platform used by GM, Samsung, Google, and others, has announced new native advertising features in its current ad formats. Jivox boasts the following new features:

  • RSS feeds/news reader that enables news articles, sponsored stories, images, video and other content published by the brand in collaboration with the publisher to be dynamically fed into the ad unit.
  • Galleries of video and image content showcasing content from the site. For example, recipe videos produced by a food site that are integrated into an ad for a bake mix.
  • Live Twitter feeds allowing brands to post messages directly into the ad while it is being served.

HubSpot Makes Native Advertising Predictions

On Monday, HubSpot did what HubSpot does best and released a chart predicting how much U.S. advertisers will spend on native advertising through 2017. In addition to making predictions, HubSpot shares nine tips on how to do native advertising that gets results.

Two Last Tidbits…

Anything else happen in the world of native advertising that you want to talk about? Weigh in below with your comments.

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