Need Inspiration For New Content? Look No Further Than Your Analytics

Maintaining your business blog can be a tough job, especially if you’re the only person working on it. Some days, ideas are right at your fingertips and come quickly and easily. Other times, writer’s block can make even the simplest blog post turn into a daunting task. If you’re having trouble coming up with new content or you’re just not sure what to cover in your next post, take a look at your analytics.

Your analytics can provide you with all sorts of ideas for new content that will get your creativity flowing, and you’ll turn around multiple blog posts in no time. Here are tips on how to let your website’s analytics do all the creative heavy lifting for your blog.

Track Hot Discussions on Your Site

If you have an active readership and you get lots of comments on your blog or messages in response to a post on various social media accounts, you can use this feedback to give your readers more of what they’re actively engaging with already. Your blog’s comments section can even give you excellent ideas by itself—instead of writing on a topic based on the numbers, you can take time to respond to a good question or clarify and further explore a popular topic.

Definitely don’t be shy to not only reply to your comments in the comment section, but also bring those comments to the forefront with an acknowledgement in a new post. Responding directly to comments and reader input makes you look VERY good in the eyes of your audience and your customers—they’ll appreciate that you actually take the time to not only read but seriously contemplate their suggestions and comments.

Track Hot Topics on Your Website and Around the Web

Just like you can use your analytics to find posts with lengthy discussions, you can also use your analytics to find which of your blog posts are attracting the most new and return traffic. High traffic directly to a blog post means that your content marketing and SEO efforts are paying off—especially if that blog page is a high-percentage landing page.

This is invaluable information because it shows you exactly who is looking for this specific topic, what they’re searching for, and how they’re reaching your website. If there are a large number of recent hits to a particular page or topic, it’s time to write about that topic again for repeat traffic, and to establish your authority on the issue.

You can also use popular topics as a springboard into cruising around online for new ideas. Are people hitting your website thanks to a specific search query or term? Search for the same terms and look at what other businesses in the same search rankings are doing; for new ideas on what’s hot and what’s working for them—and what could work for you.

Advanced SEO Copywriting: Bounce Rate Analysis

Most analytics software track a very particular bit of data that many business owners mistakenly think is either a terrible data point, or should be ignored altogether: bounce rate and exit pages. Pages with a high bounce rate mean that your visitors are actively leaving in droves once they hit that page—is it turning them away? Are they not satisfied after reading through the rest of your content?

Bounce rates are a clear sign that page content can improve, but those bounce statistics can tell you a lot about the content you have already. Just like using your analytics to gauge popularity, bounce rates can show you unpopularity, or better yet, a weak spot in your content strategies. If it’s positive metrics like social and on-site engagement, follow-through clicks and conversions from content mean that your content is a definite “Yes!”;  then high bounce rates can mean that your content is, at best, a “Could Be Better,” and at worst, a big “No.”

Are you using your analytics to their fullest potential? Do you have special techniques that help you fill your editorial calendar? Are you desperately in need of content writers that can help you analyze your site data and cater new content specifically to what’s proven to succeed? We can do all of that, just let us know!

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Andrew Glasscock is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BA in English, specialized in Creative Writing, with a minor in Marketing this past May. Along with copywriting, he loves being an improv comedian, playing frisbee, and dogs.

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