New Algorithm Pushes High Quality Content on Facebook

facebook likeYet another change is in store for the Facebook algorithm. Facebook is attempting to push “high quality” content from pages that each user likes higher up on his or her News Feed. To do this, Facebook had to first identify what high quality content means to users and determine a system for marking content as high quality. Next, they tested the new algorithm using a small population of Facebook users. This change will be launched on both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook over the course of the next few weeks.

Change in the Algorithm

In changing their News Feed algorithm, Facebook hopes to weed out “low quality” content from Pages such as memes and requests for page likes. To determine what factors should influence the algorithm, Facebook sent out a survey to a sample set of users. They asked for feedback on various Page posts, asking whether or not users would share the content, if they found it interesting, and if they considered it trustworthy, relevant, and timely. The survey also asked if the user would complain about certain content or if they would consider it low quality.

After testing the new algorithm, Facebook found that pushing high quality content led to greater interaction in the form of likes, shares, and comments. Furthermore, the study found that users were less likely to hide stories in their News Feed overall if they saw more high quality content. Because of the success of the test group, Facebook decided to implement the changes for all users.

What is High Quality Content?

The terms “high quality” and “low quality” are certainly vague. For low quality content, Facebook seems to be focused on demoting memes and any type of spam. When it comes to high quality content, Facebook is focused on displaying Page posts that are relevant, timely, sharable, and from a trusted source. The new algorithm will rely on over 1,000 factors to rank a post as high or low quality. These factors include not only the content itself but also the level of completion for the Page’s profile, how often the Page hides content, and other indicators of whether or not the Page is a trusted source.

What This Means For You

For your company’s Facebook page, this change in the algorithm means that producing high quality content is more important than ever. Those who run Pages should first focus on creating content that is relevant to user interests and appropriately timed. You should also focus on looking at your content from the customer’s point of view – consider whether or not this is something that they would want to see in their News Feed and share with their friends. Finally, to establish yourself as a trusted source, you should build your brand’s credibility and engage with your customers to create a sense of loyalty and trust.

How can your brand benefit from Facebook’s focus on high quality content?

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