New App Klamr Wants to Provide All-In-One Service

klamrAnother new app is on the market: Klamr is a multi-function app intended to integrate messaging with social planning and other relevant functions. Much like KeWe, the new social media app by Taio Cruz, Klamr combines features from a variety of popular social media apps on the market. As social media experts note, the most popular apps are those that are single-function in nature, such as Instagram for photos and WhatsApp for messaging. Can multi-function apps such as KeWe and Klamr compete in a largely single-function industry?

What is Klamr?

Mashable refers to Klamr as a “Swiss Army knife” app that combines messaging with reviews, social planning, chat, search by location, and photo sharing. Users can both sign in and find friends using phone numbers, and Klamr enables you to plan events and meetings through the app, sending text message notifications for non-users. Klamr also has reviews from Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook to help users decide where they should meet. In addition, the app uses a “specially curated location database” to suggest popular locations in the area. Finally, users can share photos of the event through Klamr. All messages, event plans, and photos are private within the invited group.

Klamr currently does not appear to have a revenue system – the app is entirely free, and it does not contain ads. Furthermore, Klamr does not plan to sell data to third parties. Instead, the makers of the app plan to draw profits in the future from direct interactions between Klamr users and brands. However, Klamr will need to gain a solid user base before this business plan can become viable, and experts are concerned about the vitality of this Swiss Army knife style of app.

Single vs. Multi-Function Apps

Critics of Klamr wonder whether or not a multi-function app can rise to popularity in the current social media market. Because most social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. are single-function, experts such as Spencer Chen argue that an app like Klamr is “counter to the usage patterns and the goals of mobile users.” In my opinion, apps such as KeWe and Klamr will only be able to outshine single-function apps if they can actually make good on their promise to provide users with a superior service across the board.

Do you think multi-function social media apps stand a chance?

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