New App Shopular Seeks to Make Coupon Clipping Obsolete

shopularDo you still clip coupons? A new app called Shopular is changing the face of the way we use coupons and bringing them to mobile devices in a new way. With Shopular, users can receive notifications about deals and coupons for stores located nearby. While many retailers have developed a fear of mobile apps because they may encourage showrooming, which refers to consumers trying a product in the store and then buying it cheaper online, Shopular may combat that fear and bring sales back to physical stores.

What is Shopular?

Shopular is an app that uses both your current location and your interests to send coupons and deals via a notification system. Rather than having users visit the app to find deals in their area, Shopular simplifies this by automatically sending notifications. Developed by Navneet Loiwal and Tommy Tsai, Shopular is currently working with the top retail companies in the country, including Target, the Gap, and Macy’s.

The app encompasses 40,000 individual stores that are located in every state. Although a growing majority of startups are focusing on e-commerce as the future of retail, the founders of Shopular believe that bringing new, mobile solutions to physical retail stores provides a huge opportunity for growth. Furthermore, they seek to reduce the fear that retailers have of mobile, instead showing them how they can use mobile to their advantage.

The Showrooming Phenomenon

Showrooming is a phenomenon in which consumers visit brick-and-mortar stores to test out expensive products, such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions, but then purchase the products online for a cheaper price. Showroomers most often turn to Amazon, where they can find such products at a much cheaper price on average. The showrooming phenomenon has led retailers to fear mobile apps because showroomers frequently use mobile devices while in stores to check prices online and search for discounts. However, Shopular may be able to change retailers’ minds about the importance of going mobile.

The Development of Shopular

Recently, Shopular raised $6.4 million in funds from Sequoia. With their new funding, the founders of Shopular hope to move from covering new stores and expanding their customer base to developing new features that directly involve the retailers themselves. Essentially, Shopular would serve as the middleman through which retailers can communicate with customers in their area. Furthermore, Shopular is adding to the personalization of its service through the user data that it has collected thus far.

Does your brand use Shopular to communicate with consumers?

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