New Facebook Metrics: An Attempt to Woo Advertisers?

monthly active users facebookAs anyone paying attention to recent news about Facebook knows, the company has been making plenty of progress towards implementing new advertising and revenue schemes. Just last week I wrote about the potential that video ads have for making Facebook oodles of cash. Yesterday it appears Facebook began sewing the seeds for greater profits by improving its metrics reporting in what appears to be a way to woo even more advertisers to their platform.

Moving Closer to Real-Time Info

The big change with these new metrics released yesterday is the shift in approach Facebook takes in reporting its information. Instead of posting monthly active users, Facebook has moved into reporting daily active users. Why? Reporting monthly numbers was the “old way of looking at the media world” as Facebook was quoted in Kurt Wagner’s Mashable piece on this story.

The shift into daily active users seems like a great idea to me. It’s giving advertisers more accurate and timely information, and everyone knows how important that is when it comes to the online market. The new metrics are definitely interesting to look at. It gives businesses and advertisers a clearer understanding of just how many people Facebook can reach. They definitely have the numbers to back up their claims and woo advertisers.

As Kurt writes, “more than 128 million users log into the web version of [Facebook] every day. That’s more than 40% of all Americans.” Not much else in terms of advertising can compare to that sort of reach with the American audience.

Mobile’s Significance

Another important point in yesterday’s metrics information from Facebook is what we’re seeing with mobile numbers and social media usage. Whether you’ve been gung-ho about mobile’s increasing usage or aware but not impressed, the latest numbers from Facebook will either validate your enthusiasm or at the very least, impress you.

As Josh Constine reports on TechCrunch, “Facebook’s 101 million US daily mobile users make up a whopping 78% of its 128 million daily US users.” Wow. What if we take a broader look at the world, including the US, and examine what the global numbers look like? Global mobile daily active user count stands around 469 million users. That’s a lot of people.

Just another reminder that the transition to mobile is happening and its happening fast. Any business or agency not including mobile in their branding and advertising efforts should really work on getting that going – in a hurry. I know every time I use my phone to look up a business and they lack a mobile-friendly site I’m both frustrated and in disbelief. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring mobile, especially as mobile growth continues steadily.

Other Info to Look Forward to

There are some other exciting metrics that we can look forward to. Facebook will be releasing country-specific information outside of the US and UK in the near future. I’ve got to say I’m impressed with how far Facebook has come since its IPO problems. They’ve shifted the company into a mobile focus and with hard work it has turned out to be the right choice.

Do you think Facebook can keep up its successes in the future? How important is mobile to your business or agency’s advertising efforts?

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