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Following the recent introduction of its advertising platform, Promoted Pins, Pinterest has added another new feature to its roster – Related Pins. With Related Pins, Pinterest chooses pins it believes users will be interested in and places them within their feed. While Pinterest has not yet made any comments in reference to Related Pins and the future of their advertising platform, it is possible that Related Pins could become a beneficial platform for advertisers to provide the most relevant Promoted Pins to their target audience.

PinterestWhat Are Related Pins?

So, what exactly are Related Pins? Related Pins are chosen at random by Pinterest according to specific criteria. They may be related to pins that you have liked, clicked on, or pinned. Related Pins are also influenced by the boards that you follow as well as websites that you have recently visited, though this aspect is customizable based on your user settings. For example, if you have a board full of chocolate-y dessert recipes, Pinterest might offer up a Related Pin for some delicious Devil’s Food Cake.

Similarly to many other advertising platforms, such as on Hulu, Pandora, and Facebook, users are given the option to control their related pins and “Rate this Pin” with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. In this rating box, there is also a sentence stating why the Related Pin was chosen – for instance, Pinterest may choose a pin on the same board as another pin on a board that you have created.

A Potential New Ad Style?

As Venture Beat questions, are Related Pins a step toward expanding Pinterest’s recently announced advertising platform, Promoted Pins? If brands were able to promote their pins within the Related Pins feature, this would provide unique targeting capabilities. Brands would be able to use not only demographic information, but also very specific information on what types of pins users are interested in and will engage with. This would enable advertising on Pinterest to be much more effective with higher conversion rates into sales.

How would related pins help your brand’s Pinterest advertising strategy?

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