New Search Platform Seeks to Tell Us More, But Will It Be Useful?

Swipp search engine logoThere are plenty of internet users that feel just fine sticking with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With the recent news about Facebook Graph Search raising eyebrows, some are wondering if we might benefit from different search engines that focus on different data sets. One new search engine in the news today isr aising eyebrows as well. It’s called Swipp.

Swipp Search

This morning, Emily Price at Mashable reports that a new search engine called Swipp is launching today. She explains that Swipp “measures sentiment on a topic in real-time, reporting back … how people feel [and] specific details about those feelings.” All of the search terms have their own dashboard which provides a wide range of information. Searchers can find out how their topic or query is rated, as well as how it’s rated by gender, location, and country. Swipp encourages the user to input their information on a term so their voice can be heard. I find this idea behind Swipp pretty interesting – if it works and people adopt it. It’s a wonder no one has thought about it before.

Swipp looks like it will be getting pretty creative to promote its new service. They plan on releasing an app called “Swipper Bowl” during this season’s Super Bowl. With this app, people will be able to look up “individual players, and even commercials” in real time and determine what others are thinking about them. Interesting stuff and something I think tech-oriented NFL fans will check out.

Social Intelligence and Your Business?

Ken Yueng over at The Next Web claims that “social intelligence is alive” in his report on the new search engine. More importantly, he explains that Swipp isn’t just about consumers. They are set to release an app for the public as well as “a whole suite of tools for the consumer and enterprise audience.” This is where things could get interesting.

Sure the public can use Swipp to look up what people think about vanilla ice cream or their favorite musician’s new song. But are there practical uses for Swipp for agencies and businesses? Possibly.

Swipp might be a useful tool for businesses to see at a glance how their products, services, advertisements, or any other content is performing in the eyes of the general public. It seems like Swipp wants to be able to take a snapshot of all of the social media information out there on a topic and provide it to you in a clear, summarized, and informative manner. Almost like a Cliff’s Notes version of more complicated analytics.

Swipp’s Future

Whether Swipp will be able to provide meaningful information to businesses or simply anecdotal information will be determined by how many people use the service. Swipp certainly has plans to integrate itself into as many platforms as possible. Ken again writes, “Swipp is also working on the ability to customize confidential data for major partners” as well as planning to release the API so “other platforms such as Pinterest [can] integrate Swipp into their products.”

To be honest, I can see Swipp taking off. I can also see it getting lost in the web as another one of those great ideas that never takes off. That would be unfortunate – they seem to be on to something clever. Either way, it’s always refreshing to see plans and ideas coming to the forefront of the web when at times it feels like things can’t be pushed or innovated further.

Do you think Swipp could have an impact for your business or agency? How would you use a service like


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