Newly Designed Light Bulb Funded with over $250,000 on Kickstarter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, you know that there have been some changes in light bulb technology. For quite some time, we used incandescent light bulbs to light our homes. In fact, that technology is over 200 years old. Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), which are far more efficient at producing light, have been making grounds in the US and around the world as people replace their old incandescent bulbs. But very soon, we may have a new business—and a new light bulb—to replace all of these energy-saving bulbs.

LIFX might be in your home in a few years

So, why exactly would we be replacing these fluorescent bulbs? After all, people have finally come around to using these CFLs, with only a few complaints. Well, for starters, as Stan Schroeder writes on Mashable, “A Kickstarter project to create a smartphone-controlled, Wi-Fi connected light bulb has smashed through its $100,000 goal, raising $260,000 with 58 days to go.” This is likely one of the fastest (if not the fastest) over-funded projects that crowdsourcing giant Kickstarter has ever seen.

If the pledges continue, who knows how much money this brilliantly designed bulb will raise. Who knew that a team was out there looking to make the ultimate light bulb when everyone seemed to be fine with CFLs. As of this writing, LIFX’s pledges for funding had reached just over $300,000 with almost 2,300 backers.

What’s so Special about the LIFX?

LIFX is a light bulb that creates light with LEDs. LEDs are safer for the environment and even more efficient than CFLs. But the LIFX is even more special because, as Parmy Olson of Forbes writes, the LIFX is “an energy-efficient, multicolor bulb that you control with a smartphone.”

The smartphone control means you can set schedules for your lights, change the intensity of light, or change the color for mood lighting, all from your phone. Technology is finally starting to look like those homes of the future that everyone in the 1950s obsessed over! What’s even more impressive with the LIFX is that “it even pulses colorfully to the beat of music, and can be set to flash on and off when you get Twitter or Facebook notification.” Ok, I never thought I’d see the day that our light bulbs went social on us!

The Power of Kickstarter and Small business

While I’m seriously impressed with the LIFX (I took an environmental engineering class once and loved learning about all of the efficient tech out there), I’m just as impressed with how a platform like Kickstarter continues to deliver for small projects and small businesses around the globe. Kickstarter allows any person, any team, or any business to pitch an idea or project to the entirety of the internet for funding.

The entire idea of Kickstarter in a way is a democratization of a world that was once reserved for the government and those with the money to invest. Kickstarter bypasses all of that—and it’s entirely online. If you have an idea and you know how to pitch it, you can get the funding to make your dream happen. Check out the LIFX’s Kickstarter page yourself. They do a great job pitching their idea and, of course, links to the ever-valuable social platforms of Facebook and Twitter are right near the top.

One Lesson from Kickstarter and LIFX

Kickstarter is a great way to bring your business, or a part of your business, online. You can get funds that are usually hard to come by for start-ups and small businesses. There’s still a lot of work utilizing social media and content marketing to spread awareness online, though.

At the very least, Kickstarter and LIFX’s example should be a sign that it’s possible to think outside of the box and succeed. We are not restricted by “the way it’s done” anymore. The internet has shown us time and time again that in many cases, you can ignore the old rules and blaze your own path forward.

What do you think of the LIFX light bulb?

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