Nintendo’s Big Comeback: Back to the Bare Minimum With the 2DS

nintendo2dsLast month, I wrote about how the gaming market, previously cornered by Nintendo and Sony, was being overtaken by mobile apps on the iPhone and Android. That was before Nintendo released its new gaming console, the Nintendo 2DS.

The Nintendo 2DS

The release of the new console was a surprising move, to be sure – Nintendo already has two models out, the 3DS and the 3DS XL, which were great sellers in the gaming world but don’t compare to what’s being done with Apple and Android mobile devices. But the difference in the Nintendo 2DS is not just that the 3D function, which many users did not find to be more than a gimmick, has been stripped away. There is also the difference of shape. The 2DS doesn’t fold in half like the 3DS – but the most important difference is price. The Nintendo 2DS store price is $120, a huge step down from the $200 3DS XL.

Why the Release Was a Great Move

The reasons the Nintendo 2DS has already made a huge splash in the gaming world are many. While the new console seemingly came out of nowhere, Nintendo realized that the company both needed to make a comeback and that a niche had to be filled. The Nintendo 2DS is, according to reviewers, a good shape to hold and fits especially nicely in children’s hands, making the console a hit with parents. Other reviewers loved it too, noting that it could be a great way to get more casual gamers into the gaming market.

The other thing Nintendo did to wow its audience was to strip away some of the more extraneous features of the 3DS while still retaining total functionality. The new console plays all Nintendo DS and 3DS games at a much lower price than the previous consoles. This is a great lesson for any business: if what you’re selling isn’t working out, maybe there is worth in removing a few features while still retaining the integrity of the product and dropping the price substantially.

Timing is Everything

The features of the Nintendo 2DS are great, and the timing of the new product could not be better. For one, the release of the new console in late October means that the 2DS has just enough time to gain some momentum before the winter holidays hit, making it an ideal option for a Christmas gift. The other reason timing worked out for Nintendo is that the company concurrently released the long-awaited new Pokémon game – meaning that people who had been sitting on the fence about buying a console might have the extra reason to make the leap.

Think about timing with your brand, especially around holidays. Is your content seasonally appropriate? Even more importantly, consider this: if your competition is blowing you out of the water, making a comeback might mean creating a simpler, more functional version of what you’ve already made – it might just make all the difference in the world.

How might going back to basics help your brand’s bottom line?

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