Our Process

How it Works

Our process is simple. Just touch base with us to get started. We are here during the week on the site via Live Help, you can also email our founder Amie Marse (amie@contentequalsmoney.com) anytime you like.

Whether you work directly with Amie or one of our customer service reps,  your project is in motion immediately. We will go over the scope, voice, key terms, goals of your project one by one. Once we have a great vision of your needs we pass it along to the writing team.

If any questions arise you are immediately notified. Once the content is researched, written, edited and run through Copyscape it is returned to you.

Since so many of our clients use us as their one stop shop for everything content, sending us multiple projects each week – we hold off billing until Mondays.* Then we send you an invoice via Paypal or we charge your company credit card.

Imagine not vetting another writer. Ever. That’s what we do here. If we don’t have the perfect person for your account, we’ll find one. We are that committed to your success.

*We do reserve the right to take deposits on first time orders. Or orders that are particularly large.

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