Why You Must Optimize Your Content for Tablets

tabletNBCNews reported recently that one third of all American adults now own a tablet. Among college graduates, the percentage of adults that own a tablet is quickly approaching two-thirds. In fact, tablet users now drive more internet traffic than smartphone users, which goes to show you just how prevalent tablet computing has become. If you have not already optimized your online content for tablet users, you are making a big mistake.

Tablets are Different from Smartphones

In addition to being larger, tablets differ from smartphones in the way that people use them. While web browsing on a phone is done throughout the day while in transit or just killing time, tablet usage takes place at all times, including leisure time at home. People use their tablets to browse the internet in their living rooms, bedrooms and in the kitchen, and are more likely to stay on any particular site if it has been optimized for a tablet, for obvious reasons.

If you want your customers to increase your business’s conversions, it is imperative that they want to stay on your site. In order to take advantage of the tablet-owning population’s business, you need to get your content optimized for a tablet as soon as possible.


Optimizing your content for tablet users should be an ongoing process. Technology is always changing and people will always have to struggle to keep up. However, there are a few tried and true things to keep in mind when you are optimizing your content for tablet users.

  • It Has To Look Pretty. It would seem pretty obvious that you want your tablet-friendly content to look as pretty as possible. After all, no one wants to spend a lot of time on an ugly or badly designed website. To capture their customers’ attention, many websites elect to make their tablet content function like an interactive magazine. Users can “flip through” your content, while clicking and buying with the tap of a finger.
  • It Has To Be Swipe-able. Tablets are set up to be swiped on with fingers and thumbs. Make sure that your tablet content works well with people’s swiping fingers. Buttons need to be big enough for thumbs and big fingers, and the whole site should scroll at the swipe of a user’s finger. The worst thing you can have on your website is buttons that are too small for the average finger. Your customers do not want to mess around with zooming in and out to make their purchase.
  • It Has To Be Devoid of Flash. Apple products do not support Flash Animation, and many of the tablets sold and activated in this country are iPads. If your content is full of Flash, users are unlikely to continue browsing your site.

Optimizing your web content for tablet users may seem like an unnecessary undertaking. However, with more and more adults using tablets as their primary internet-browsing device, it is super important to get on that bandwagon. The better your content looks on a tablet, the more likely it is that your customers will want to stay on your site. And, as you already know, the longer a customer stays on your site, the more likely they are to stick around and slide down your sales funnel.

Have you optimized your content for tablet users yet? What challenges did you face when making your content look great on a tablet?

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