Optimizing Your Mobile Content for Hummingbird

HummingbirdHummingbird chatter has been filling the virtual air these days, with people wondering what Google’s newest algorithm update will mean for their web presence. CEM’s own Sarah Beth talked about link building for Hummingbird recently, as well as discussing the new focus on natural language queries. What seems clear from the initial wave of Hummingbird response is that Google sees the focus beginning to shift from a traditional desktop search algorithm to one tailored to mobile-friendly searches, which tend to occur using more natural language.

As usual, some folks are predicting the end of SEO entirely, but a majority agree that what’s needed is more of a slight paradigm shift. This new paradigm is not a separate entity, but absorbs and transcends that which has come before. What it means is that your solid content marketing strategy should continue more or less as planned, while stretching and enfolding to incorporate the latest in mobile-friendly optimization to take full advantage of the platform. Your high-quality content will still be the key to great results.

Responsive Design and Mobile-First For Agencies

Two concepts that are quickly becoming old saws in the post-Hummingbird age are responsive design and mobile-first content. The idea of mobile-first has particularly been a source of some headaches, since emphasizing short and punchy content for mobile seems at odds with the trend toward longer, more in-depth content strategies that Google has been favoring in results. This is undoubtedly a challenge, but I believe that the proper mix of mobile-first content and in-depth pieces combined with responsive design will have excellent results. Users who are hooked by the mobile-first piece can follow links to the longer format, or save the link to read later on their laptop.

Optimizing for mobile also means providing relevance for users in real-time. As an agency, this can be a bit tricky to pinpoint, but the ability to provide relevant information on the fly will be of paramount importance.

Responsive design and a mix of mobile-first and long-form content are some basics to consider when optimizing mobile content for Hummingbird. Providing relevant on-the-fly information for mobile will put you ahead of the curve.

What are your techniques for optimizing mobile content for Hummingbird?

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