Organic Pet Food: An Exercise in Knowing Your Audience

The Honest KitchenDo you feed your dog or cat organic food? Has it even occurred to you that you might want to?

Even if you have never considered feeding Fluffy organic or all natural pet food, the fact of the matter is that there are people out there willing to shell out top dollar for fancy animal food. Organic, all natural, and preservative free – all the buzzwords that resonate in the human food marketplace are helping sell more than $100 million dollars’ worth of pet food.

According to Jezebel, “Organic Pet Food Is Becoming A Thing Because Americans Humanize Pets.” The theory is that people want to eat fresher, healthier and more nutritious foods; obviously, they also want their pets to eat food with the same qualities.

It may sound crazy, but for companies like The Honest Kitchen, the theory is making money.

The Honest Kitchen: Gourmet Pet Food for Discerning Pet Owners

The Honest Kitchen got its start when its founder, Lucy Postins, realized that there was a better way to make food for her dog. Every week, she was pureeing a combination of fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables to feed her beloved companion Mosi. Although she was committed to feeding her dog fresh, healthy, and human-grade food, Lucy was tired of the mess in her kitchen.

Abby RoseWhen she realized that she could use dehydrated food to develop a healthy and shelf-stable pet food, The Honest Kitchen was born. Now, more than 10 years later, the company has expanded to include foods for both dogs and cats, with many different blends available. (They also sell gluten free food, various supplements, and many treats.)

The Takeaway

If the rise of organic pet food has one major lesson for marketers everywhere: it is the fact that even the weirdest niche products can make a substantial amount of money. (Look at lava lamps!) If you have an idea for a product that will fill a need – no matter how weird or inconsequential that need may seem – and you market that product with love and sincerity, you can make a bundle.

Would you feed your pet organic and all natural food? Have you had success marketing niche products?

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