Don’t Steal My Blog: 5 Reasons to Own Your Blogging Platform

padlock computerWith so many free and low-cost blogging platforms available online, it can be tempting to start your business blog through a popular service such as Blogger, Tumblr, or That being said, your business will receive maximum return on investment if your blog is listed on a domain you own. As someone who reads a lot of blogs, I find nothing more frustrating than having to hunt down information. In addition to making it easier for your readers to seamlessly navigate between your website and your blog, owning your blog’s domain has numerous benefits that I find irresistible.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning your blogging platform.

You’re In Control

When your blog is on a platform you own or, better yet, integrated into your company’s website, your terms of service are just that – your own. When choosing to use a blogging platform that does not belong to you or your company, your posts are subject to that platform’s terms of use. For businesses that want complete control over their content (and its rights), owning the domain where your blog lives provides the most flexibility.

Integrate Your Blog with Your Brand

What is the main reason your business has a blog? Is it to promote someone else’s brand? If the answer is an emphatic “no” (otherwise, why are you reading this?), then owning your blog’s domain provides businesses with an endless amount of options to promote brand awareness and increase visibility while creating compelling content that keeps readers coming back for more.

Rank Higher in Search Engine Results

Owning your blog’s domain also results in increased search engine rankings. The process of increasing your blog’s search engine rankings is much more complex than simply owning your domain (and far outside the scope of this post.) However, business blogs associated with a company’s domain generally rank higher in search engine results. As a result, your blog reaches more people in a shorter amount of time. Self-hosted WordPress sites even offer special tools you can use to optimize your blog. Who could ask for more?

Feel Free to Ask Your Readers to Take Action

Remember we talked about integrating your blog and your brand? When your blog is on your company’s domain, feel free to ask your readers to take action after reading a post. Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter? How about look at your new product? Leave a comment? Some public blogging platforms discourage the CTA. On your company’s domain, you have the freedom to ask your readers to take the next step.

Design Your Blog for Your Brand

When your business blog is on your company’s domain, there are very exciting things that can occur visually that help draw readers in. Between having complete control over CSS and endless theme and design options, there are no barriers to making your blog stand out. Whether you want to incorporate your logo, create a custom theme, or integrate social sharing buttons, the possibilities are endless.

Is your blog integrated into your website? What is your preferred blogging platform?

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Victoria Schleicher is a graduate of the University of South Florida and holds a BA in Psychology. Although Victoria was successful in the mental health field, she chose to instead pursue her passion for writing and art, and is happy to be a part of the Content Equals Money team. When not writing, Victoria likes to create art, play with her cat, read, and go running.

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