Compare Paid and Organic Search Data With AdWords’ New Report

magnifying glassHave you long wanted to see a side-by-side comparison of the performances of your paid and organic listings? Thanks to Google’s newest AdWords update, now you can! The new AdWords Paid & Organic report gives you immediate insight into the successes and failures of your search listings. According to Google, the goal of this product is to allow SEOs to gain a greater understanding of how searchers connect with their sites.

Since you can now analyze paid and organic data in one place, you can begin to understand how the two types of listings affect each other. Again, in Google’s words, webmasters can now measure changes “holistically.” In other words, when you make a change to a listing, you can quickly see how it influences and interacts with the rest of your SEO strategy.

Making Changes

With the ability to compare paid and organic, you have more insight into how to adjust your strategy in order to gain more visibility. Most reports still only show paid and organic listings separately, but that prevents you from gaining insight into user behavior. The ideal strategy, of course, is to coordinate your paid and organic efforts.

The new report includes details in a number of categories for each type of listing, and then offers information on both regarding clicks, queries, and clicks/query. This kind of information allows you to study how the two listings interact.

The interaction between paid and organic listings should influence your SEO strategy moving forward. For instance, you can now compare the performance of a keyword in an organic listing and then transfer that keyword to your paid endeavors in order to take advantage of potential clicks. Through this report, you can begin to understand which search terms are better for your organization.

Why It’s Important

One SEO recently reported that the presence of both an organic listing and a paid ad in a SERP caused the paid click rate to increase by as much as 64%! This new report can help you to adjust your strategy so that you can gain that same kind of success. SEOs also see the potential of identifying new keywords by examining which keywords are drawing traffic to your site organically.

Getting Started

To take advantage of this powerful new tool, you have to have AdWords, but you don’t have to be actively running ads. Link your AdWords account to your Webmaster account and then you’ll be able to find the report in the “dimensions” tab in AdWords.

What do you think about this new AdWords report? Has it helped your company yet?

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