Standing Discounts

Content Equals Money is passionate about producing quality content at affordable prices. A variety of options ensure a streamlined payment process, and we offer a few standing discounts for clients interested in further savings beyond our competitive prices

Preferred Payment Term Options

Retainer Clients: 15% off

A perfect option for clients looking to build a longstanding relationship, a retainer comes with a significant discount. Retainer clients prepay an agreed-upon amount for copy over a 3-month period. The funds must be used by the end of the third month. Retainer clients receive 15% off full price.

Pre-Pay: 10% off

Clients who choose to pay before project delivery receive 10% off full price.

For bulk orders over $5k, a discount of an extra penny off per word is given in addition to the 10% discount. Please note that bulk projects will be delivered in stages to ensure quality and client approval. Stage one is typically delivered 2-3 business days after the order.

Manual Billing: 5% off

Clients can be charged in a post-pay format and receive 5% off full price – all we need to do is store the credit card number.

Post-pay online or by check: No discount, Net-7

Post-pay online or payment by physical check must render payment within 7 days of billing. Content Equals Money bills its post-pay clients the Monday following project delivery. Checks must be postmarked within 7 days of invoice delivery in order to avoid a late fee.

Any payments made after the Net-7 period will incur a 10% lateness fee.

A standing retainer is required for alternative payment arrangements such as Net-15 or Net-30.

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