Whatcha Peeping At? Why We Love Peep’s YouTube Annotations

marshmallow peepsWith over 700 million peeps consumed every Easter, you’d think they have no reason to advertise – but I’m glad they do! The company’s recent YouTube video is charming, creative, and the perfect example of how to use annotations in YouTube videos.

While annotations are one of the most useful tools on the video platform, they’re also one of the most irritating for consumers. With proper application and technique, however, annotations can be used to take your YouTube presence to the next level. Check out the latest Peeps ad and see what you can learn below!

Peeping for Annotation Optimization

Optimizing content for conversions is crucial for any marketer no matter what the medium. Since most of us work with text, it’s simple to get lost in strategies specific to video or YouTube. Thankfully, there are many resources such as YouTube’s official Creator Playbook as well as video experts who remind us how elements can be optimized for success!

During the Peeps video, notice how succinctly every annotation was timed to pop onto the screen as the boy mentions things that can be done with Peeps. Each annotation then allows viewers to visit a link to correlating sites with more information about Peeps tattoos and the epic Peepasaurus Rex. By allowing viewers the opportunity to voluntarily check out related information, Peeps made their annotations likable.

Furthermore, Peeps admitted that they struggled to decide which concepts to include in the video. May this be a reminder to content creators and marketers that our first, second, third, fourth, and even fifth ideas might not be the best one for the project! When you do the nitty-gritty work of determining what fits and doesn’t fit for an ad, then you make it more satisfactory for the viewer.

General Annotation Advice

To make your YouTube annotations as likable and effective as Peeps’ video, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Keep annotations on the screen for less than 7 seconds. This allows the viewer to read the text before dissipating so the video can be enjoyed.
  2. Make your annotations clickable. You can link to your related content or content you think viewers would be interested in. It’s a win-win for both sides!
  3. Keep annotations on the side and out of the way. The more you can minimize the distraction that annotations create, the more the viewer will appreciate and respond to them!

Have you used annotations successfully in your YouTube videos? What tips can you add?


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