Pinterest Improves Personalization with Browser Tracking

pinterest logoFollowing suit with most other social media networks, Pinterest has announced that it will now use browser tracking to generate personalized pins as well as board recommendations. Interestingly, this is in conjunction with a much smaller announcement that Pinterest supports the “Do Not Track” option. As Pinterest becomes more widely used, it is increasingly beneficial to businesses advertising products that can be pinned. These types of new features are a common step toward better targeted advertising across social media networks.

Greater Personalization

Obviously, the addition of browser tracking is beneficial to users because it will allow for greater personalization of the site. Pinterest will be able to recommend pins based off of sites you have visited that include the “Pin” button. For example, software engineer Ke Chen explains that if your recent browser history includes many party product sites, Pinterest will suggest boards designed for party planning the next time you log on.

In addition to tracking your browser history, Pinterest will use your gender and location for recommended pins. They will also suggest pins from other users who have similar interests. Pinterest has expressed that they want to receive feedback on all of their new features, which will include an edit button for the home feed.

Do Not Track Option

In conjunction with their announcement of browser tracking, Pinterest made a much smaller statement that they support and offer the Do Not Track option, which allows users to disable the feature. In addition to Twitter, Pinterest is one of the few major social media platforms that enables this option. Pinterest will also be updating its privacy policy to more directly address concerns related to their new browser tracking feature.

Future Steps

As browser tracking becomes the standard for targeted advertising on the web, this seems to be a logical step for Pinterest as it expands and gains more users. The addition of browser tracking is likely to be followed by advertising that is more integrated into the website and personalized to meet users’ interests. This will certainly be a benefit to companies using Pinterest and an incentive for more brands to join and take advantage of the unique marketing advantages.

Does your business use Pinterest? Are these new features an incentive to join?

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