5 Ways Pinterest’s Secret Boards Can Work for You

Pinterest Secret BoardsHave you tried Pinterest’s new secret boards yet? You should. Turns out these boards – hidden from the sight of noninvited parties – are more than a gimmick. In fact, they can be very useful for companies, offering opportunities for everything from private market research to profiling competitors. Here are five ways you can use them for your marketing needs.

1. Sync Ideas as a Team

No one sees the content on a private board except the people you invite to collaborate on it. That makes private boards the perfect place for sharing ideas with your team. Create a board where everyone working on the same project pins ideas to share with the group. Create a board for the graphic design department to share cool infographics and logos with each other. By keeping boards private, you keep ideas safely in the incubation stage, and you create an easy, secure space in which a team can work together.

2. Profile a Specific Client

Have a meeting next week with a potential client? Track him or her online ahead of time, and build a Pinterest profile only you can see. Especially if your potential client is active on blogs and/or social media channels, the information you gather helps you brainstorm the best ways to win him or her over. Likewise, when you’re planning to pitch a company, you could conduct a little online reconnaissance on the brand ahead of time.

3. Research Your Competitors

Track your competitors’ best ideas in one place by pinning them to a secret board no one else can see. Pin their bestselling products, blog posts that are drawing a lot of attention, slick infographics that give you ideas for future designs, or something else. Essentially, once you set up your secret board, you have a one-stop file for dropping any and all information that relates to your competition.

4. Plan an Upcoming Event, Product Launch, or Gift

Whether you’re planning a fundraising event or the launch of your new line of organic dish soap, Pinterest secret boards are great tools for gathering ideas. Rather than overwhelming your Pinterest followers with nonstop party signs and invitation designs, track this research on a secret board. Likewise, when you’re brainstorming about this year’s company Christmas gift that’s not public knowledge yet, Pinterest secret boards keep your inspirations private.

5. Come Up with Blog Topics

You won’t be blogging for long before you realize one of the toughest parts of regular blogging is coming up with new topics. Make that process easier by using Pinterest to drum up inspiration for new posts! Keep a board dubbed “Blog Inspiration” or something similar, and whenever something strikes you as a potential article topic, add it to your board. The next time you need to come up with a topic, you’ll have ideas ready – and because you pinned to a secret board, none of your followers will already know what’s coming.

Are you ready to start testing out Pinterest secret boards for your business benefit? Why not start today? Or what other benefits have you found from pinning privately? Feel free to share below!

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