Plumbing and HVAC Companies: What Do Your Readers Really Want to Know?

It’s the age of DIY – and plumbing and HVAC are no exceptions. Armed with Google and YouTube videos, home and business owners all too often try to fix things themselves. This means plumbing and HVAC companies must now work even harder to establish their value to customers, and to remain relevant in the industry.

Customers of plumbing and HVAC are savvy. They want to know what’s wrong with their systems, how to fix the problem, and how much it will cost. They want a company that’s up to date on all the latest techniques and technologies for fast, effective, and affordable repairs. Attracting leads and converting them takes a killer content strategy, with attention-grabbing blog posts customers can’t ignore. If your blog has been clogged, use this post to loosen things up again – and get the sales funnel flowing.

Target Your Perfect Audience

The first step in any successful marketing campaign is identifying the correct audience. A winning blog is all about relevancy. Leads won’t read what they don’t find relevant, necessary, or interesting. The only way to know what topics will intrigue your readers is to know to whom you are writing. Defining your audience is the first step toward creating a map for your marketing campaign.

Think about who needs your service, as well as who already uses you for plumbing and HVAC. Your content should be geared toward new lead generation, but you shouldn’t forget your existing customers. Part of your marketing goal should be to retain loyal, repeat customers. Create a persona of the customers already using your services. Who is it? What is his or her age, job, income, and interests? What does he or she need from a plumbing/HVAC service provider?

Next, create a marketing persona of the person you would like to attract. It could be more of your existing customers, or it may be slightly different. Think of the ideal customer. In your industry, this can be a wide variety of people, since everyone needs plumbing and HVAC. Your target audience should be local, since you do not want to book calls that are too far away. From there, it’s up to you who would make the best long-term customers.

Don’t forget about referral partners when creating your personas. Referral partners can quickly grow business and spread your company through word of mouth. Include other professionals in your target audience, such as electricians, roofers, landscapers, general contractors, interior designers, property managers, real estate agents, and appliance repairers. Attracting a professional audience base could be beneficial to everyone involved.

Create a Strategy Based on Data

Once you know who your content should be talking to, map out a smart strategy on an editorial calendar to organize your future content. An editorial calendar tool can help you generate blog ideas, create categories for different parts of your marketing, and plan your strategy in advance. This will give you clear-cut stepping stones toward a greater campaign goal. Creating an editorial calendar can feel daunting, but it isn’t when you have the right tools and a solid template.

One of the first steps toward mapping out an effective content strategy is identifying and recording your industry keywords. Keywords are the lifeblood of search engine optimization (SEO), and one of the only ways to attract the right audience – or any audience at all. If your current blog or website isn’t getting a lot of action, it could be a lack of proper keyword planning.

Use a tool such as Google Keyword Planner to easily search for today’s most-searched key terms in your industry. Come with a few words relevant to plumbing and HVAC, enter them into the planner, and start writing down words and phrases to use in the future. The Keyword Planner uses real data from real searchers, so you can rest assured you are building a keyword-based content strategy that will attract the right audience.

Generate Relevant Blog Topics

After you know your keywords and have mapped out a skeleton content strategy, fill it in with stellar blog ideas. Start brainstorming what your target persona wants to read. Use your keywords as jumping-off points for blog ideas. For example, “water heater” is a popular search term in the plumbing industry. You could start with some evergreen content, or blog posts that will stay relevant for a long time. These could include “What Is a Water Heater?” or “How to Buy the Perfect Water Heater.”

Then, start thinking of more current-event topics, such as “Hottest Water Heaters on the Market in 2019,” or “The Latest in Hot Water Heater Technology.” Posts on current events can drum up business actively searching for the latest information on plumbing or HVAC. If you have the resources, assign a team to stay on top of blog topic generation. Putting more than one creative mind together can help you create more poignant blog ideas. You could also consider outsourcing your content creation, for professional SEO, blog posts, and other website content.

Measure Your Success

You’ve identified your audience, created a content calendar, and filled it with exceptional ideas. Now, it’s time to get writing. Again, decide whether you need an in-house team that can stay on top of new content creation daily, or whether you want to outsource this to professionals. Keep up with a regular posting strategy. Research shows posting three blogs per week at a minimum is ideal for lead generation, as long as the content is consistently high quality. If you don’t think your team can keep up with the demands of consistent content, outsource the task.

Finally, measure your success using website data. Use key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rate, bounce rate, average session time, conversion rate, and profitability to see how your content is measuring up. If your customers aren’t lingering long enough on your blog, or failing to make it to the finish line, your content could be the problem. Content Equals Money is a trusted content provider for plumbing and HVAC companies around the country. Contact us to discuss your need for consistent, creative, high-quality content that converts.

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