Press Rewind: Is Video Killing the Content Marketing Star?

Content marketing is king, so why are experts suggesting it will be dethroned by video? Regardless of industry, visual content is becoming the key to higher engagement rates, more traffic and increased brand exposure online. With nearly 50% of Americans watching one or more videos online per month, brands that want to stay in the game need to step up their content marketing techniques with the addition of video. The question begs to be asked: Is video killing the content marketing star?


I don’t mean to get nostalgic, but back before MTV, print media and radio practically ruled the music world (or so I’m told). Since its launch, MTV created a new community of people who couldn’t get enough of watching their favorite stars. As a result, the music world was forever changed. In case you missed the first video aired on MTV, here it is in all its fabulous 80’s glory.

Wherever it’s posted, video content tends to receive more views, shares and interaction cross-platform than any other form of content, including blogs. Does that mean we can stop writing altogether? On the contrary, what makes a good video great is the writing. Though production quality, equipment and distribution tend to be our first thought, Matt Cutts recently reminded the world that clarity is the key to great content in any form.

Video by the Numbers

Here at CEM, we write a lot about the importance of analytics in content marketing to ensure a positive return on investment. As Tim Schmoyer of ReelSEO urged a few months ago, video marketers need to focus on creating content their audience will enjoy, rather than conversions. ROI will always be important, but video aims to go a step further and reach people instead of sales goals (like all great content should).

good blogs

That being said, the writing that goes into creating a video is just as important as the video quality. Researchers estimate that 90% of internet traffic will be video by 2017 , while the majority of customers in 2014 already visit a brand’s website after watching video. Despite these statistics, a mere 1 in 5 brands are planning to release video content in the next 12 months. Of these, it’s a safe bet a percentage of them don’t realize the importance of quality writing behind a video.

Today, we’ll review the steps to take before and during the writing process to ensure your brand’s video is top notch.

6 Tasks to Complete Before You Write Video Content

Between planning and strategizing, there are various to-dos that need to be completed to guarantee your video is on the right track. As Shelly Bowen from CMI recently reported, there’s much more to creating a branded video than meets the eye.

  • Meet with the team. Nothing hinders the progress of a video more than confusion about the purpose behind a video. From the CEO to the intern, understanding of the video’s goal from the start will prevent confusion and delays down the road.
  • Define the core message. Before writing a video script, brands need to identify the core message a video is supposed to communicate. Is a video providing information, entertainment or nurturing leads? Clearly defining the core message will make writing easier.
  • Research your audience. Evaluating the intended audience is important in the planning process, as writing exceptional video content hinges upon the writer’s understanding of the viewer.
  • Determine the tone of your video. Once the basics are reviewed, what tone will your video take? Friendly, professional, authoritative or something else? Whatever it is, it needs to be consistent throughout the video.
  • Define the narrator’s role. Is the narrator of your video an employee, company representative or customer? Does the narrator’s role entail a description of the video’s visual content, empathetic language to align with the viewer, or thought-provoking questions?
  • Ensure team-wide agreement. This part can be a little tricky when working with larger teams, but holding a series of meetings throughout the planning process will prevent significant delays at this stage.

Once everyone agrees on the core concepts of a video, le the writing commence!


5 Writing Tips for Video Marketers

Depending on how creative your writers are, it can be tempting to drift off into writing and lose sight of the video’s goal along the way. To stay on track, follow these five tips as you’re writing.

  • Stay on-brand. Branding is very important when writing video content, as the brand’s voice must be portrayed clearly from start to finish. When reviewing your draft, ask yourself if the script matches the brand’s personality.
  • Write to meet the goal. Creating content for a video is similar to writing for a blog. First, define the goal, and then follow up with content that meets it. Keeping the video’s goal in mind when writing will keep content on target.
  • Be consistent with tone. If your team came to a consensus about tone in the planning stages, this one isn’t difficult. Thinking about the viewer while writing is a good way to maintain tone consistency.
  • Pay attention to the details. Writing for video doesn’t end at the script. There’s also the title, description and length to consider. Experts recommend using terms like “video” combined with keywords to create an eye-catching title.
  • Eliminate fluff. When trying to match script and video lengths, eliminating fluff is a good place to start. For the sake of clarity and video quality, review your content and remove unnecessary words.


Make it Memorable

Last but not least, make it memorable. Use every opportunity to entertain, inform, and infuse your brand’s communication with value. Believe me; customers will thank you for the change of pace.

Do you have any tips for writing video content? Share them in the comment section!

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