Content Equals Money stands apart from our competitors. We offer flat rates and low pricing – and you get the whole package. We are a scalable solution. No matter how little or how much you order, you get a quick turnaround, consistent quality, and access to a real person to discuss your projects, all at a flat rate of 9 cents per word. And there’s no minimum!

What’s Included in the Price?

Content you order from us is 100% original. From 4,000-word articles to 10-word social media posts, we run every project through Copyscape to ensure it is completely unique and ready to post.

Originality, however, is not our only goal; we also strive to exceed your expectations. Our Client Success Agents will speak with you personally to better understand your needs and concerns. We can also pitch ideas for any content you order. Our pitches contain two possible titles, sources, and basic information about the piece. If you’re happy with the pitch, just give us the green light – if you’re not, we’ll work with you to address your concerns. Many of our agency clients take advantage of our pitch system to win annual contracts with their end clients. We’re happy to provide 6, 9, or annual editorial calendars, each one complete with pitches.

We hear that one of the biggest drawbacks to outsourcing content is inconsistent quality. You hire a writer or writing service and everything is good for a few months. But then things begin to slip. Errors creep in, turnarounds begin to slow, or the copy just goes stagnant. We are in our fifth year of business and have always provided a consistent level of quality and turnarounds. We do this because we have an experienced editing and proofing team. With hundreds of regular clients, and thousands of projects under our belt, we are the perfect balance of the attention you get with a small operation and the scalability you find at marketplace services.

We also offer one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. We can write, edit, and proof your order and deliver it ready to post in 2–3 business days. The price of your content also includes two free rewrites. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us; we aim to deliver material you’re 100% happy with!

Prepay and Retainer Programs

You can enjoy your content at an even lower price by establishing a long-term relationship with us. A retainer lets you pay up front for a term of 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Our retainer clients enjoy even more refined content because we can devote one or more writers to their specific needs.

Examples of Pricing

We can produce content of any length, and our flat rate keeps your bottom line in check. We don’t require any minimum retainers and there is never any extra fees with CEM. Here are some examples of our pricing:

10 word social media post: $0.90

300 word blog post: $27

4,000 word white paper: $360

It’s easy to account for the cost of your content when you choose Content Equals Money. Our Client Success Agents will work with you to fine-tune the specifications of your project to best suit your needs.

Personal Attention

Part of making sure you’re satisfied is providing the personal attention needed to get the most out of your content. Our Client Success Agents will meet with you regularly to discuss your overall feelings about the content we have provided and where you want to take it moving forward. Monthly or even weekly check-ins are happily included in our flat rate of 9 cents per word.

All of these reasons and more are why CEM is the secret weapon for hundreds of internet marketing companies around the US.


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