Has Google Violated the Wiretap Law?

Many of us never think twice about the services that Gmail provides, such as the spam filter and the new promotions tab. However, not all Gmail users are as happy with the way that Google scans the emails they receive. In fact, they believe that this constitutes an infringement upon their privacy. Because of this, a large group of plaintiffs has … [Read more...]

When it comes to Privacy, Teenagers Aren’t as Dumb as You Think

Take a minute to consider what you think about when you hear the words “teenagers and online privacy.” Chances are, when you hear or read those words together in a sentence you think less-than-flattering things about our younger folk and their internet activity. After all, teenagers are not exactly world renowned for their impulse control or … [Read more...]

Evernote Hacked, 50 Million Passwords Reset

There are a lot of popular apps out there on the web that content writers like myself, business owners, agencies and their employees rely on to work better and be more efficient. Lots of businesses use Dropbox, Google Apps, and other platforms to get work done. When it comes to keeping track of your notes and ideas however, one app has proved … [Read more...]

British Airways New “Know Me” Program Digs Up Personal Info on Frequent Flyers

Imagine you’ve been sitting in an international hub waiting for your flight to arrive. Boarding calls go out, your section is called, and you join the line and file to board your plane. As you step into the airplane, your cheery flight attendant greets you—by your full name. You’ve never met them, but they at least seem to know you well enough. … [Read more...]