The Biggest Business Blunders of 2015

Last week, I had just put my son down for his morning nap when my husband walked in and caught me watching my guilty pleasure: Wife Swap. Looking up ruefully from my bowl of Cheerios, I didn’t have time to snatch up the copy of Gogol’s Dead Souls I perpetually have in arm’s reach, hoping someday I’ll read it.After 12 hours working in our local … [Read more...]

10 No-Nos for Your Brick and Mortar Store’s Online Product Descriptions

People don’t just scan product descriptions on Amazon or your website. They look at them like a set of specs on a new car. Consumers want to know the details that make your broom better than the 500 other brooms available for purchase, and they need to be able to gain that understanding fast. That means your marketing team has to develop compelling … [Read more...]