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twitter dos and dontsI recently received some very pleasant feedback on my post celebrating the birthday of the Lava Lamp. One of our clients, Michelle, sent Amie an email saying:

I also wanted to say how much I loved Elizabeth’s lava lamp blog! They really are hilariously tacky. I wanted to tweet that to her to let her know how much I enjoyed her blog, but can’t find her on Twitter.

Thanks for the many compliments, Michelle! But the reason you cannot find me on Twitter is because I don’t have a Twitter.

No Twitter? No Problem!

When I tell people that I do not use Twitter, they look at me with a mixture of pity, confusion, and disgust. How do you live? They ask. How do you tweet at people? They inquire. While I certainly understand that there are plenty of funny things to read on Twitter – I even wrote about William Shatner’s excellent Twitter account – I have never quite “gotten it.”

Still, I am beginning to realize that Twitter might just be the way of the future, so I did a little research about what it takes to tweet well.

Twitter Etiquette for the New Twitter User

If you are just jumping into the Twitter-verse, there are plenty  of resources available to you vis-à-vis Twitter etiquette. Still, it can be a lot to wade through, especially if you have intentionally kept yourself in the dark, so I took the time to distill some of the advice for you:

Add Value.

Twitter is only worth using if everything you are going to do on it will add some sort of value to the Twitter-verse. This means that you should avoid tweeting incessantly about things that do not matter, like what you ate for breakfast.

Watch the Hashtags.

Hashtags are cool and all, but if your every word is a hashtag, you may be abusing the privilege.

You Do Not Have To Be A Super Follower.

Apparently, you do not have to follow everyone who elects to follow you. In fact, doing so my decrease your attractiveness on Twitter.

Do Not Be An Idiot.

As is true with most things in life, if you are an idiot, people will not like you too much. So tweet with all the care you would in other interactions.

Confused yet? Me too. Which is why, even though I understand why Twitter might be a good thing, I think I will hold out for just a little while longer. (Or you know, indefinitely.)

Do you use Twitter or have you been holding out?

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