How to Reach the Female Demographic with Pinterest

pinterest for womenSharing text, images, and video on Facebook and Twitter is fairly straightforward. While there’s still a significant strategy component of running a good social media campaign on these sites, it’s fairly easy to see how they work and create a profile that works to your business’ advantage. But what about Pinterest? Although Pinterest requires a more subtle eye, creating a strong campaign on this site can help you tap into the female demographic, no matter what your product or service.

Women Are Primary Users of Pinterest

There are a number of social networking sites that, perhaps surprisingly if you’re not in the know, have a primarily female user base. Facebook, for example, is made up of 58% women. Twitter has an even larger gender disparity, with a user base constituted of 62% women. As I’ve talked about on the CEM blog in the past, social media marketing is a great way to reach women.

But out of any social media site that you might want to use to reach women, Pinterest is beyond a doubt the way to go. Just under three quarters of Pinterest – 72% – identifies as female. The majority of Pinterest users are women under the age of 29, and many of them are moms: women with kids are 61% more likely to have a Pinterest account than the general population.

Building a Pinterest Strategy: Focus on Content Marketing

While social media spending is up, your business may still be unsure of how to navigate the great number of distinct social media sites that are cropping up. Pinterest can be especially difficult to break into, particularly given the number of misconceptions that most non-users have about it.

Pinterest has garnered something of a reputation for hosting solely visual information about crafts, cooking, and weddings, which are likely not things you’re looking to talk about or market if you’re a B2B company or even a B2C company that just doesn’t work in that area. But Pinterest is more than that, and it actually lends itself very well to content marketing.

It’s certainly true that every Pinterest post contains an image, but it’s important to remember that that image is a link, not just an image. When a user “pins” an image to their board, they aren’t simply collecting photos; they’re curating a series of websites that may offer text, video, or a wealth of other formats of media. So keep in mind that Pinterest is an excellent portal through which you can lead users to your website and additional content.

There’s a very strong DIY component on Pinterest, too, which means that how-to guides, tips and tricks, and easy-to-read information sources like infographics are very well received. If you can pair your content marketing strategy with eye-popping images, there’s no reason it won’t do well on Pinterest, especially given the fact that content marketing provides the information that women want.

A Few More Pinterest Tips

If you’re considering launching a Pinterest campaign to break into the site’s young female demographic, Forbes and Social Media Today have a few tips on maximizing your Pinterest presence.

  • Don’t forget SEO. Optimize your images with key words in file names and descriptions, and always include a link to your business’ site in each pin. Make sure that your About page contains plenty of relevant key terms as well, since search engines will base your page ranking on this section.
  • Follow and share. Pinterest is still a social networking site, so don’t be afraid to re-pin posts from your own followers and any other businesses in your industry who are posting interesting content that may draw more viewers to your page.
  • Don’t be salesy. Make posts about things other than your own products and services. As long as the pin is somewhat relevant and jives with the overall image you want to present, it will simply be another reminder that interested Pinterest users should follow your page.
  • Provide information. Jumping off from the tip about focusing on aspects other than sales, re-pin links and images that provide additional insight into your business.
  • Include a call to action on posts that do involve the sale of a product or service from your business.
  • Add a Pinterest button to blog posts and pages on other sites. The re-pin is just like the Facebook share, and will help spread the word about your business.

Pinterest is a great place to give your content marketing campaign an evolutionary boost, and ensure that women are seeing your content. Ready to get started? Create a Pinterest account and get pinning!

Does your business use Pinterest to reach the female demographic? What tactics have been useful to you? 


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Beans graduated from Smith College in 2011 with a BA in History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, and has worked as a farmer, a cook on a food truck, and an archival assistant. Outside of writing and editing for CEM, Beans enjoys reading voraciously, watching space documentaries, and baking vegan treats. Currently, Beans lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

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