Reach Out to Your Leads Directly: Lead Management Software

At Content Equals Money, we talk a lot about content that grabs attention and drives better business conversions. We love producing content that does the heavy lifting for us and our clients when it comes to attracting potential customers. These strategies work very well for everyone involved, but sometimes business owners want to do more. If you want to really dig deep into your website data, get involved with your potential leads, and do more hands-on marketing work, there’s software that will let you do exactly that.

Lead management software like Jumplead, Chartbeat, ClickPoint and Eloqua are software solutions that provide real-time visitor profiling and lead tracking across your business website. Monitor how many visitors are on your site at any moment, watch the path they take through your website’s various pages, even send them a chat box so they can contact you directly.

Hands-On Tools That Let You Turn Potential Leads Into Conversions

These software solutions work by building their tracking codes into your webpages with quick cut-and-paste blocks of web scripting. Once you’ve deployed their tracking codes across your website, you have full access to each service’s long list of valuable features for lead nurturing and development. With insights from these services, you can increase sales and conversions by interacting with each visitor to your website more personally.

Jumplead focuses on the then-and-now. It features current and daily visitor tracking, letting you see more detailed descriptions of who is visiting you and how deep into your website they get. You can send current visitors a chat box offering to talk to them directly, or select specific visitors to track over the long-term. Analytics services and social media analysis helps you understand site activity as well as social media presence, and lets you respond to inquiries and customer feedback instantly from their dashboard.

Chartbeat offers many of the same services, but focuses more on data analysis and interpretation. Their software is specifically designed to turn web and social analytics into immediately valuable, actionable data. Response capabilities are built-in as well, meaning you can chat, email, tweet or Facebook in response to potential customer interest, which can lead to greater conversions when done right. Chartbeat also has real-time visitor monitoring, and can give you valuable information about your visitors down to how long they spend on each page and what they’re doing as they explore your website.

We don’t use ClickPoint or Eloqua at CEM personally, but their services are very similar to Jumplead and Chartbeat. Both services are geared more towards larger businesses and enterprise clients, where there may be multiple teams of people handling each step of the process. ClickPoint offers an entire software suite designed for easing communication between marketing and sales departments. Eloqua offers a more analytics-oriented team service that helps businesses target their market segments more accurately and automate their marketing processes.

The Benefits of Watching Your Website Like a Hawk

The benefits of these services and others like them lie in the amount of engagement you have with your customers. Tracking and site monitoring services give you an active window into just how well your website is performing, and can even provide powerful tools and outreach services to turn a static interaction with your potential customers into a one-on-one experience. Potential customers appreciate business owners that take the time to listen to their needs directly, and it shows in their dedication to a product or service.

We’ve built our success on that exact principle: customers love businesses that treat them like individuals. Even we use these lead tracking services as a complement to our website content, and our customers appreciate that we go the extra mile to get to know them. That effort starts before they even become clients, and doesn’t suddenly end when our contract is up. The results show in our work each and every time.

The best compliment to good content is good lead nurturing, and these excellent pieces of software help us and plenty of other businesses produce the results we want. If you’re looking for the same success from your website, maybe you should give one of these services a shot. Research your options, take a trial run, and see how it works out for your bottom line—and don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you need content too!

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