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pinterestOne of the main goals of social media marketing is gaining referral traffic, or clicks back to you brand’s website. A new study is out, and it shows that leading the pack in terms of referral traffic are Facebook and Pinterest. While Facebook comes as no shock, the fact that Pinterest is not only in second place, but also drives more traffic than many other top social media sites combined, is quite surprising. Along with Pinterest’s great stats on referral traffic, this growingly popular site is also ranking high in many other areas, which means that your brand needs to get on Pinterest.

The Study

The recent study, conducted by Shareaholic, showed that while Facebook drives 10% of overall referral traffic, Pinterest comes in second at 3.68%. Twitter ranked third, but Pinterest still drove three times as much traffic. Overall, Pinterest drove more traffic than Twitter, Google+, Reddit, and LinkedIn put together. This shows that by posting on Facebook and Pinterest, your brand is significantly more likely to gain click backs to your website than on any other social media network. Pinterest is not as widely used by brands as Facebook, Twitter, and other top social media networks, but these numbers show that using Pinterest brings huge benefits.

More Pinterest Stats

In addition to its high rate of referral traffic, Pinterest actually has very impressive stats in a number of other areas. In terms of both referral traffic and daily active users, Pinterest ranks third amongst social networks in popularity across the globe. Out of its 70 million users, 80% are women, providing an advantage for brands that market toward them.

Furthermore, 80% of all pins on the site are repins, which means that Pinterest users are predominantly using the site to share content. Finally, those who shop on Pinterest by browsing Rich Pins and purchasing products spend between $140-$180 per order. Compared to other social media networks such as Facebook, these numbers are very high.

Features & Tools

Pinterest also offers a number of features that benefit brands, and many tools out there can help you maximize your Pinterest use. First, Pinterest has Rich Pins, which allow you to add important details to your pins such as prices, availability, ingredients, and more. This has turned Pinterest into a major shopping platform, with many users making purchases both in stores and online. Second, Pinterest recently introduced Promoted Pins, their advertising platform.

In order to maximize your brand’s use of Pinterest, there are a number of tools you can use. For example, WiseStamp allows you to attach your most recent pins to emails, such as your newsletter. With Reachli, an analytics tool, you can monitor your pins to see how effective they are. This tool will show you the number of repins, likes, and clicks that each of your pins receives. With this laundry list of impressive stats, features, and tools, there is no reason for your brand to not be on Pinterest any longer.

Has your brand found success on Pinterest?

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