How to Repurpose Content Effectively

conversions from contentThose who are looking to maximize their content from conversions are likely well aware that repurposing content is extremely important.  After all, no matter what your business or brand is, it’s likely that you have several reoccurring messages that are important to get across.  The challenging part is making “old” content new again by mixing it up a bit.  While you might have a few keywords that need repeating, that doesn’t mean you have to churn out the same content week after week!

Recently, John Montgomery released a great post on Effective methods to reuse content.  It’s clear that repurposing content is at the forefront of everybody’s minds when it comes to getting the most out of your message.  If you’re hoping to bump up your  content from conversions while keeping a consistent message fresh, check out these great tips:

·     Consider turning written content into other mediums.

Maybe you can’t write another blog post about hat buying for the holidays, but what about making a video or a podcast?  Even the most oft-repeated content can seem new if it’s repackaged in a different medium.

·     Consider making digest posts.

If you run a company blog, making a weekly digest post with the best posts of your week is a great way to highlight your best writing and messages and yet not be entirely repetitive.

·     Submit to both article directories and to your own website.

Many people write and submit content to article directories, but neglect to house their own content on their sites.  Your site content shouldn’t be limited just to blog posts and content for your static pages – consider having an “archive” where you store your own articles.  You might be surprise what this does for your SEO ranking – and the better you SEO is, the higher your change of conversion from content!

·     Break up your larger articles into smaller blog posts.

If you’ve got a 1000 word article outlining the pros of your business, consider breaking it up and rewriting it into shorter blog posts.  This allows you to keep the message constant, but delivers it in a new written form.

Repurposing your message is of the utmost importance if you want your conversion from content endeavors to be successful.  Every site has a repeating message and it can be difficult to keep things both SEO compliant and fresh – but with the right amount of creative thinking, it can happen!

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