5 Tips to Creating a Share-Worthy Podcast

If created consistently, podcasts are a fantastic way to increase engagement with your audience, build your brand’s authority, and build a community with peers. According to Content Marketing Institute, podcasts are only used by a mere 19% of B2C marketers. Statistics issued this year from Edison Research indicate that approximately one in six … [Read more...]

Improve Your SEO Practices By Repurposing Content

Content is king. We certainly believe that here at CEM! But we understand that it’s impossible to come up with brilliant new ideas for original content every day. The problem is that you need that constant stream of great content in order to continually entice and interact with your customers!So what do you do? Repurpose all of that great … [Read more...]

What Disney Can Teach Brands About Repurposing Content

It’s not at all true that content marketing means you have to constantly be producing new information that has never before been seen. If anything, extending the shelf life of your content is one of the best ways to keep your company relevant. Repurposing content, for many companies, means mining your archives, looking for new ideas that can come … [Read more...]

Inspiration Nation: How to Use Competitors to Grow Your Business

To steal ideas is to create ideas, if you do it the right way! In a previous blog post, we elaborated on how to protect your content from “content thieves.” However, just as great brands have borrowed ideas from their competitors, you can similarly find inspiration to beef up your editorial calendar!Don’t worry: there’s an art to stealing … [Read more...]

Building Better Video Content: What’s Next

With many content marketers considering the world of video as their next logical step, it is important to keep informed about the technologies and changes coming in things even as basic as the formatting of video for the web. With new developments in live-casting and newly approved file formatting, video is about to have a shift in terms of … [Read more...]

4 Content Marketing Rules for the Fitness Industry

Long before I knew anything about marketing, I think I knew the fitness industry was good at it.  At least, I could tell they wanted to be.  My middle school self noticed their really long TV commercials (with so many free things thrown in!) and their tiny little ads in the back pages of Boy’s Life.  I wasn’t ever pushed to spend my lawn-mowing … [Read more...]