Repurposing Content

Content marketing is about more than just producing valuable information in a consumable package. It’s also about knowing how to reach the maximum amount of people with the most important pieces.

So, repurposing content is all about recycling or reformatting your content across different mediums so that it will be seen by the highest amount of people possible.

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Repurposing Content 101[/stextbox]

Think about your local grocery store. They run television or radio commercials, have billboards, newspaper ads and have flyers at their store. Do you ever wonder why they do this? It’s because some people only watch television and don’t read the newspaper. Or, they don’t catch the radio commercial during their commute but can see the billboard. This is called saturation. When you saturate a market with your message you are most likely to reach the maximum amount of people.

Think of content repurposing as saturating your market. Some people love to read blogs, while others only enjoy podcasts. In order to reach each segment you must present your content in various ways.

Repurposing content also provides you the illusion of grandeur.  Part of the reason your local grocery store seems so popular is when you are looking for their marketing you begin to see it everywhere. And when someone starts to move into your sales cycle, they will start looking for your stuff. This is like when you purchase a new car and all you see on the road is other people driving the same model!

Lastly, content repurposing saves you money. Instead of paying for research or a writer to create a new set of ideas for each assignment, you can repurpose it across a lot of different places – thereby saving you the time, energy and money to create absolutely fresh content all the time.

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