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More and more clients are using websites like Zillow, Trulia, and to find their next residences. Thanks to the internet, it’s now easy for clients to download apps and find their dream properties. The real estate industry going digital isn’t necessarily a bad thing for traditional realtors. In fact, buyers still work with agents 88% of the time. Use the shift toward digital to your advantage by maintaining a spectacular realtor blog. Here are five of the best realtor blogs of 2017, why we at CEM think they shine, and how you can jumpstart your own blog using tips from their success.

  1. Sally Baker Homes

Sally Baker Homes has a blog titled “Sally’s Musings,” which is chockful of valuable information for other realtors, buyers, really anyone in the housing industry. Sally Baker has more than 25 years of real estate experience, specializing in markets in Portland. She uses her experience to give insights and forecasts into the realty market.

The blog works so well because it offers readers poignant, relevant, and current information. It cites the latest studies and market activity as well as providing evergreen content that will keep Sally’s blog in top search results for years to come. Newbies and real estate veterans alike turn to the Sally Baker Homes blog for the latest industry news.

Takeaway: Provide useful information to your readers.

At CEM, we’ve found that above all, readers want to subscribe to a blog that gives them relevant information. The goal of your blog should be to add value to your readers’ lives. Sally doesn’t push her services with her blog; rather, she posts information that actually is of use to her buyers and clients. Do the same to elevate your realtor blog.

  1. Ohio Cash Flow

Millennials and Generation Yers make up the largest faction of homebuyers today at 34% of the market. The mark of Millennials is their tech-savviness – and the next generation is no exception. This digital population is more informed about real estate than its home-buying predecessors were. They want professional-level photos, online tools, and help understanding the purchasing process.

The blog at Ohio Cash Flow does a great job of speaking to its Millennial audience by offering hundreds of how-to articles, listicles, and posts with actionable tips to help home buyers. You can glean this just by glancing over the titles of their blogs, shown in the photo below. The blog also delves outside real estate, with blogs such as “5 Habits That Help Average People Make Millions.” You’ll notice this particular blog post example also has something else Millennials love – video content.

Image Source: Screen capture taken 08 February 2018.

Takeaway: Target Millennial readers with tip-centric realtor blog posts.

At least 74% of Millennials want help with real estate purchasing. Make your blog a comprehensive source of tips and help for Millennials by publishing how-to posts and insider tips they can follow. Include imagery and original video content to complement your blog, if possible, to really grab the attention of the younger generation.

  1. Sally Forster Jones

What really stands out to us about the Sally Forster Jones blog is the beautiful, high-quality photographs included in each post. This realtor focuses on the luxury home market, which is already conducive to amazing photographs, but still – the SFJ team knows the value of unique property photos in the blog. SFJ posts a “Listing of the Day” blog along with other almost daily posts that all have gorgeous property photos that inspire the imagination and motivate buyers. See the photograph from this recent post, for example:

Image Source: Screen capture taken 08 February 2018.

Takeaway: Include original photos of your properties in your blog, if possible.

Photography has always been important in the real estate industry, but it’s more crucial than ever today because Millennials love images in online content. Adding authentic, high-quality images of properties you’ve worked with can attract readers as well as improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine rank.

  1. Xome’s Local Guides Blog

Xome runs one of the largest blogs in the real estate industry. We especially love the Local Guides blog category, as it provides local information to people thinking about buying homes in certain locations. Xome fills its blog with tip lists and facts about the local scene surrounding hot real estate communities. Readers appreciate the blog because it provides honest, objective information about what to expect when moving to a new city.

One ingenious aspect of the Xome Local Guides’ blog, from a business perspective, is that Xome collects backlinks and shares from restaurants and businesses in the neighborhood that a blog focuses on – such as this example of restaurants in Tampa, Florida, to try:

Image Source: Screen capture taken 08 February 2018.

Takeaway: Ramp up backlinks and social shares by working with businesses in the community.

Sprinkle in blog posts about the best restaurants, upcoming events, and fun places to go in the city or cities where you sell real estate. Then, reach out to the owners of the businesses for social shares and backlinks. Tell them you’re mentioning the company in the article and that you would appreciate a shout out on their social media sites or webpages. Securing backlinks can boost your search engine ranking and help your blog reach a wider audience.

  1. Afford Anything

The premise behind the Afford Anything blog is to “Live Better.” Upon first glance, you might not even think Afford Anything is a real estate blog, when in fact the page administrator is a real estate investor. The blog offers everything from travel advice to how to achieve financial freedom. What we love about this real estate blog is that it has so much to offer readers. They can learn about real estate investing, buying a first home, and achieving their biggest life goals, all in one entertaining blog.

Takeaway: Aim to improve your readers’ lives with your blog. Better business will come on its own when your blog is of real use to clients.

The blog is not the place for self-promotion. At CEM, we’ve found that the best blogs in every industry have one thing in common – they offer real value to readers, not just to the company. Take a hint from the popular Afford Anything blog, which centers on helping readers save money and travel the road, with real estate seeming to take a back seat. Include soft CTAs at the end of blogs if you want, but the main goal of each post should be to offer takeaways for your readers.

At CEM, we know great real estate blogs. We write for dozens of realtors around the country, and we can create customized content for you. With our help, you could end up on next year’s best realtor blogs list!

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