How Reviews Shift the Consumer Mindset

brainRecent findings have indicated that online reviews are more powerful than ever. More consumers are utilizing the internet to research products while making buying decisions. In a recent survey conducted by BrightLocal, 85% of consumers said that they read online reviews for local businesses, with 73% revealing that positive reviews make them trust a business more. Additionally, 79% of respondents trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. These increasing numbers indicate the power that online reviews have over consumers.

Are Negative Reviews Driving Away Consumers?

So if positive reviews are helping most companies gain business, what about negative? A recent study by Havas Worldwide Global Prosumer found that 4 in 10 respondents (out of a sample of 10,000) believe that a single negative comment online can dissuade them from making a purchase. This is a terrifying statistic considering that 22% of consumers are more likely to share a bad experience than a good one. We’ve all experienced a negative review, and most people acknowledge that the angry customer is usually the loudest – but you have the ability to push the mute button!

Don’t Let Negative Consumers Control Your Reputation

Although all of these recent findings seem more harmful to your business than beneficial—there is still a way your company can thrive from this new trend. 51% of Prosumers state that non-branded blogs or social media made them change their mind about a product or service. So it is a good idea to utilize these outlets to get positive publicity out about your company. Also, there are ways you can respond to feedback that will help lessen the blow of negative reviews so you can keep new customers trailing in. Here are some useful tips straight from Fox Business.

  • Utilize Google Alerts. Businesses should be utilizing Google Alerts to get immediate updates whenever new content regarding your company pops up online. This will help monitor negative reviews and respond to them in a speedy manner.

  • Respond promptly. As soon as you notice a negative comment, respond right away because time is of the essence!

  • Continue detailed talks offline. Although you should make a resolution attempt on a public forum so other customers can see your company cares, it is important to take care of the important details offline.

  • Encourage positive reviews. Consumers may be persuaded by negative reviews, but you can outweigh the negatives by encouraging more positives! Let your top clients defend your company by encouraging them to provide favorable feedback on your online outlets.

Although online reviews make it seem like consumers are in control, businesses can use negative reviews as a learning experience that can lead to beneficial improvements. Don’t let negative consumers decide the fate of your company – you are in control of your own reputation!

How does your business handle negative feedback?

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