Rovio & Hasbro Partner for Angry Birds Star Wars II

star wars angry birds 2Rovio Entertainment has announced the launch of their next game, Angry Birds Star Wars II, coming September 19th. This game will focus on the three Star Wars prequels. The original Angry Birds Star Wars was a huge success with over 100 million downloads since it was introduced last year. Angry Birds Star Wars II expands Rovio’s collaborations from the Star Wars franchise to Hasbro. The game will also reveal a new side to game play that is inspired by one of their other games, Bad Piggies. Rovio has always been a company that knows how to expand their brand – but this might be their best move yet.

New Partnership With Hasbro

For a new feature that accompanies Angry Birds Star Wars II, Rovio will partner with Hasbro to create 30 different Telepods, which are physical toys of various characters that will appear in the game. These toys can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet (teleported) to use in game play. Using the Telepods will unlock super powers and new characters. These toys will be released at the same time as Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Taking Inspiration from Bad Piggies

Angry Birds Star Wars II will also draw from another Rovio game, Bad Piggies, to add another new option to game play. In most Angry Birds games, the user fights as the birds against the pigs, but in Bad Piggies, the roles are reversed. Angry Birds Star Wars II will have both options for game play, allowing users to cross over to the “Pork Side.” This dual ability will be a first for the Angry Birds franchise.

How Rovio is a Marketing Success

Rovio’s partnerships with the Star Wars franchise and now Hasbro for Angry Birds Star Wars II are yet another example of Rovio’s successful marketing strategy for profiting with a “freemium” mobile app. Not only will Rovio debut the Telepods, but they will also introduce another line of other Angry Birds Star Wars II merchandise, including plush toys, clothing, and books. Though it began as just a mobile game, Rovio has successfully turned Angry Birds into a franchise with a wide variety of merchandise in stores across the country. They have taken brand expansion to a new level and fans continue to reward them for it.

How has your business used partnerships as a marketing strategy?

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