Make More Sales with the Law of Averages

People in sales, especially people in direct sales, talk a lot about the Law of Averages. You will hear people credit the Law of Averages for their successes and, less frequently, blame it for their setbacks. Still, understanding the Law of Averages could make a valuable impact on your sales. What is the Law of Averages? The sales-y people of the … [Read more...]

Strengthen Your Sales Funnel: Tips to Organize Content

Can you believe it? It’s almost springtime and 2013 shows no signs of slowing down! So far this year, we’ve seen social marketing take an even larger role in content creation as well as the growth of the mobile market.All of these avenues for content creation and marketing continue to change the way that the sales system works. In the early … [Read more...]

3 Super Common Sales Funnel Snafus

This post is idiot proof.The sales funnel has evolved dramatically in the past 15, heck even in the last 5 years. Your potential customers are smarter than ever and that’s why you have to be agile enough to change the game.CEM is a writing service, not a full service marketing company. I wish I had the resources to create a boatload of … [Read more...]