Salesforce Announces Huge Mobile-First Initiative

salesforceThe business tech blogs have been all atwitter (no, not that kind of a-Twitter…well, actually, both) with the latest news from Salesforce that they are launching a comprehensive mobile-first version of their hugely successful SaaS-based software suite. Called Salesforce1, it has made big ripples in the community of tech gurus, many of whom see the future in cloud-based mobile-first business solutions just like this.

Salesforce1: Responsive Design on a Really, Really Big Scale

A big part of what has people talking is the capacity that Salesforce1 offers for software migration and compatibility. Essentially, a lot of what Salesforce1 is going to do involves porting and scaling older software to newer platforms, adding and removing features in order to optimize for whatever device the software’s being used on. In a lot of ways, this initiative looks like responsive design implemented on a titanic scale. It could prove to be truly huge for Salesforce’s user base, who can implement even older software models universally for their employees across platforms through Salesforce1, if the rumors be true.

Salesforce1 and The Internet of Things

This Salesforce implementation is a definitive step in the direction of CEO Marc Benioff’s vision of the “Internet of Things,” where even your toothbrush is hooked into the global networks, collecting data on your oral health while you scrub away plaque. We’re not there yet, and there’s plenty of healthy debate about whether we want to be there, but Benioff sees the Internet of Things as a more or less foregone conclusion, in terms of where computing power is headed in the future. He points to things like Philips developing MRI machines that relay info in real-time to their hospital databases, or Caterpillar’s implementation of similar tech in their heavy machinery. Both of these companies have built this technology using Salesforce1 APIs. (Salesforce1 features ten times more APIs than past incarnations of the program, according to the company.)

The Internet of Things is slowly happening all around us, whether or not we are ready to brush our teeth with it, is the point. Several companies are set to go live with the new technology as it gets rolled out this week, and it will be fascinating to see what new innovations it ends up fostering.

Is a smart toothbrush on your holiday wishlist? What mobile-first technologies has your company adopted?

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