Save Time and Money With Social Media Bulk Scheduling

It’s no secret that small business owners have a lot on their plate. You might play the accountant, the HR representative, and the social media strategist, all within the space of a few hours. When you’re tackling so many tasks at once, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

Like any savvy marketing pro, you know that social media plays an important role in your overall marketing strategy. On the other hand, keeping up with your Facebook or Twitter can be difficult. Knowing how to maximize your efforts with bulk scheduling is one of the best ways to maintain your social media presence, while freeing up time to focus on your other business endeavors.

Why Bulk Schedule?

New to the idea of bulk scheduling your social media posts? Consider some of the advantages:

  • Upload your content quickly and easily. With bulk management tools, you can easily schedule all your social media messaging from one central location.
  • Schedule as many posts as you want. Some social media management tools allow you to schedule hundreds of posts in advance. Take advantage of a few hours of productivity, and have enough social media posts to last you for weeks or even months.
  • Consider multiple time zones. Many bulk schedulers allow you to schedule content to post at optimal times, even across multiple time zones, increasing the likelihood your customers will see it.
  • Think about your campaigns ahead of time. Again, this is a great time to tap into some creative energy when the opportunity strikes. You can plan your campaigns for Halloween, the holiday season, or any other relevant occasion and have them upload when the time is right. If the fall is your busiest season, for example, you can plan all your marketing ahead of time and focus on the uptick in business.
  • Improve your social media campaign consistency. Lastly, it can be difficult to keep up with all your social media networks when you have so much more on your plate. A bulk scheduler shows your audience that they can expect great content from you at regular intervals. Keeping your audience consistently engaged is a key in eliciting new sales, converting leads, and more. McKinsey and Company, a leader in retail insights, calls the three Cs of customer satisfaction “consistency, consistency, and consistency.”

How To Bulk Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Plenty of bulk scheduling tools exist – unfortunately, many of them come with a significant investment. Small businesses run on tight budgets, so saving money whenever possible is a must. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can bulk schedule your social media posts for free. Doing so requires leveraging two free tools: Google Drive and Facebook Publishing Tools.

Step 1: Create Posts in Google Drive

Google Drive is a valuable tool for collaboration and organization. Here, you’ll use it to create your Facebook posts for later scheduling. Create an account, if you haven’t already. From the drop down menu, select Google Sheets and create columns for Dates, Posts, and Links. Each column should contain the following information:

  • Date: the time and day you want your post to upload to social media.
  • Post: the content of your post
  • Links: Any relevant link that goes with your post content, if applicable.

Step 2: Upload Posts To Facebook Publishing

Now comes the fun part. Once you finish your spreadsheet with your social media post schedule, go to your Facebook business page and select “Publishing Tools” from the top menu. Find the “Create” button on the bottom right corner, and click it. A Create New Page Post prompt should appear.

Make sure your Google Drive spreadsheet and Facebook window are side by side. Highlight the first spreadsheet cells with Ctrl+C and copy them. Paste them with Crtl+V into your Facebook Publishing tools box. Scroll down to the “Select Schedule” option and choose when to publish your post, based on the information for the first cell. Repeat for your other posts.

Viola! You’ve just scheduled your Facebook posts for free. You can do this as many times as you like, making it a great activity for downtime or when you’re feeling bursts of creativity.

Note that this technique also works for Twitter, but you’ll need the Hootsuite Bulk Composer option, which costs around $19 a month.

Small business owners must do all they can to save money. If you’re planning on using Facebook as your main form of social media outreach, you can bulk schedule your posts for free by using the method outlined above. Using a scheduling tool, you can improve your brand’s consistency in messaging, encourage consistent engagement with your readers, and take one more task of your plate. Try this scheduling method to save yourself time and money, even during your busiest seasons!

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